Bus Uncle

Excerpted from Apple Daily via InMediaHK:

What is the most popular movie in Hong Kong?   It is not M:i:3 (which is likely not to be shown in mainland China) and it is not Da Vinci Code (which is severely criticized by the Catholic Church).  No, it is a stealth video clip entitled "巴士阿叔, Bus Uncle" on YouTube.

The incident occurred on the top deck of a Number 68X Kowloon bus on April 29.  A young man observed that the middle-aged person in front of him was talking too loud on the mobile telephone.  So he tapped the man's shoulder and asked him to keep the volume down.  This led to a vigorous response, including a string of obscenities.  The entire proceedings were recorded by another passenger named John using a mobile camera phone.  The film was uploaded on YouTube and then seen by the whole wide world.  As of May 19, 1.2 million people have watched the video clip! (Update: 1.9 million as of May 26; ETTV cited a 5.9 million figure on May 27, which probably combines all the editions).

Yes, but so what?  

Well, I must say that even I am astonished by the spontaneous media exposures and brand extensions that have occurred so far.





With a mega-hit like this, the inevitable question is this: Will there be a sequel?

What is the lesson in all this?  This was a multimedia tsunami in which Bus Uncle, the young man, the camera person, the multimedia producers and the merchandisers do not know each other but somehow spontaneously played their parts to arrive at where we are.

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