[This is a collection of information on the Occupy Central movement/revolution (also known as the Umbrella movement/revolution) in Hong Kong. This is not comprehensive coverage by any means. Many perspectives are already available in abundance in English (see, for example, Reddit on Umbrella Revolution), so there is no need for me to duplicate them here. Instead, the focus here is on popular Chinese-language materials that are not otherwise available in English. Most of the information is gathered from mainstream media, social media (Facebook, YouTube, discussion forums (mainly Hong Kong Discussion Forum, Hong Kong Golden Forum, HKGalden, Uwants and Baby Kingdom), blogs and polling data). The YouTube/Facebook videos have people speaking in the Cantonese dialect and the discussion forums often use uniquely Hong Kong Internet language that is not even comprehensible to mainland Chinese citizens. My contribution is to compile and translate into English these otherwise unknown materials to provide a fuller view of the Occupy Central movement.]

(Oriental Daily) January 17, 2017.

At around 4am this morning, a 25-year-old man named Lee was passing by the Kwun Tong Promenade when he saw a woman fell into the harbor. Lee immediately called the police. The Marine Police and the Fire Service boat arrived together and spotted the woman about 5 meters from shore. They pulled her up. She was still conscious. She was taken by boat to the Kwun Tong Public Pier and taken to the hospital by ambulance. According to the preliminary investigation by the police, the woman was suffering from emotional problems.

The woman is 28-year-old young model Yoyo Ng Shuk-yi. According to information, she was wandering around the promenade for a while. During that time, she even held a live Facebook broadcast. Her friends left commented to ask her not to "hold wrong ideas." Afterwards, a female friend of Ng took a taxi from Tai Po to visit her at the hospital. The friend said: "The Internet world is vast. There are so many people who watched and commented. But none cared enough to come out."

(Oriental Daily) January 17, 2017.

If Yoyo attempted suicide this morning, it will be her second attempt. In 2015, she was involved in a nude pictures scandal and attempted to commit suicide in a high-profile manner. She posted a photo of her slit wrist on the Internet. Her family saw the photo and immediately called the police to save her in time.

(Oriental Daily) January 18, 2017.

On the live Facebook broadcast, Yoyo was emotionally unstable. She said many times that she is having a hard time. "A person who is going to commit suicide is not going to hold a live broadcast. I am talking about people who suffer from depression. I don't mind what others think. I will do whatever I want. I know that I am letting everybody down with what I am doing. I let down my younger brother and my mother. I promised my younger brother that I will never do anything to hurt myself again. But I am sorry that I cannot keep my promise." Then she spoke about a married boyfriend: "I hope that he will be happy his own life. Peaceful and happy. I hope that his wife won't die until their bed has broken apart, and then it will be his turn."

About 25 minutes later into the live broadcast, Yoyo climbed up and stood on the railing. The camera was pointed skywards. About five minutes later, the sound of ambulance siren can be heard. 41 minutes into the live broadcast, a policeman picked up the mobile phone and told Yoyo's friends that Yoyo has been saved and that they need to contact her family.

At 7am, Yoyo texted our newspaper to say that she "had the wrong ideas" and that she had beeb drinking alcohol. She said that she did not remember jumping into the harbor. "I am really sorry to cause people to worry about me. The doctor says that I have hypothermia, so my voice is very husky. I am really suffering. i don't want to talk anymore." At 915am, she posted on Facebook: "Sorry, I completely forgot what happened to me ... I really let my younger brother, my mother, my father and all those good friends who care about me down."

(Oriental Daily) January 18, 2017.

Yoyo said: "Over the past several months, I only drink water when I go to bars with friends. I have been drinking a lot less. After today, I will drink even less except out of manners. Actually, I usually jog along the Kwun Tong Promenade. I always feel that that particular section was evil. I don't know why I wanted to go over to that spot, run a live broadcast and then jump into the harbor. I don't remember anything."

Internet comments:

- The news accounts listed Yoyo Ng as a "pseudo-model 𡃁模 ."

(Wikipedia) Lang mo is a neologism derived from Cantonese slang to describe teenage models without formal training in modeling. The word lang (𡃁), written alternatively as "o靚" or "口靚", means "young" or "lacking in maturity" in Cantonese.

Well, Yoyo Ng is 28 years old. How is that "teenage"?

- At 28 years old, Yoyo Ng is still virtually unknown as singer/actress/model. No wonder she is depressed and suicidal.

(YouTube) A Pretty Hong Kong Woman Curses Out Mainlanders

0:01 I really don't understand how this Hong Kong government is increasingly working towards helping these mainlanders. For example, I read on Facebook today that someone posted a photo and a link about how the MTR is working for the mainlanders. When they take the MTR, they get a special half-price discount. Why do we Hongkongers have to bear one price increase after another price increase?

0:26 Are the mainlanders masters? And we are less than ... I feel that the Hong Kong government has turned the mainlanders into their special guests in this fucking way ... sorry, I used obscene language. I feel that they have turned the mainlanders into their special guests. And we have fucking become common citizens. Sorry, I am really excited for I used obscene language again.

0:47 I want to say that if Hong Kong does not have citizens like us to do so much for the Hong Kong government. We have contributed so much. Why else would the mainlanders come to such a good environment for tourism, shopping and so on?

1:02 Let us not talk about the MTR. Yes, the Hong Kong government has done a little something for us. What is that little something? They are now banning mainland ... I don't want to say compatriots, because I have always said that I am a Hongkonger and I have never said that I am Chinese ... they banned those people from entering Hong Kong illegally in order to have babies. But when they enter Hong Kong illegally and have the babies, you still end up issuing a Hong Kong ID to them. So why don't you deprive all those babies who parents entered Hong Kong illegally of their Hong Kong ID's? That would be okay. And there wouldn't be so many people coming down here to have babies. Why can't they do something this simple?

1:47 Alright, next ... I feel that ... yes, some new immigrants really came down to reunify with their husbands, or with their friends. But why give them so many favors? We Hongkongers pay taxes, right or not? We will go along if the taxes that we Hongkongers pay go back to Hongkongers. But why help them? They don't have money, so we have to help them. But when we don't have money, we don't see the mainlanders help us. I feel that this is very unfair.

2:24 Yes, I understand that sometimes that one will not always reap a result for every effort put in. But I will feel that for whatever I contribute, I should be able to help whoever I want to help. I don't think that I want to help any mainlander.

2:45 Eh, you can say that I don't somewhat like them. But if I don't like mainlanders, then I wouldn't have so many mainland friends. But actually, maybe it is one group of persons who are ... to put it simply, not so good. But why do they want to go after our resources in Hong Kong?

3:08 Right now, resources are pretty good in mainland China. My grandfather and my grandmother ... their monthly pension payment ... similar to the fruit money in Hong Kong ... is more than that in Hong Kong. They are paid in RMB. Remember, they are paid in RMB. Each month, they get more than two thousand ... three thousand dollars. So why are they coming down to Hong Kong? In Hong Kong, the fruit money is just over one thousand dollars. In Hong Kong, it has to be shared by many people.

3:36 In mainland China, you have lots of land. I remember that I watched a television program once about how Hong Kong is a small place. Hong Kong is a small place because all of you rush down here so that we Hongkongers have no land. Where do we Hongkongers live? They live in studios. I am somewhat fortunate because I live with my boyfriend and therefore I can reside in a larger house. But ... actually I am paying very expensive rent. If you didn't all rush down here so that we have nowhere to live, why would they have to sub-divide and then sub-divide their apartments and cause the rent to get more and more expensive?

4:08 So what the fuck is the Hong Kong government doing? This demonstration ... they are students ... why hit them until they bleed in their heads? I feel that this really troubling. Actually, I just saw today that a teacher said that he wanted to see the June 4th incident recur ... he wanted to see the tanks roll over the students so that brains and blood gush out. I don't understand why these people can say such things ... actually, he is a Hongkonger too. Why did he do this? I completely don't understand. What has happened to this society?

4:53 Why is the government of Hong Kong not speaking up for the people of Hong Kong? Why are they speaking up for the mainland government? I think that this is really ... we Hongkongers must give our efforts to protect our Hong Kong.

5:07 Although I did not attend the last several demonstration marches, I see that my friends all marched. I am really worried that something could happen to my friends. [Sobs] It looks like I need to calm down. I hope that when you see this video, you will speak up for the people of Hong Kong. and do something meaningful for we the people of Hong Kong.

Internet comments:

- So here is someone who believes whatever is posted on Facebook (with photos and links, of course).

--- The MTR gives special discounts to mainlanders? (Apple Daily) September 26, 2014. According to the MTR Service Update, Shenzhen residents with individual visit permits can use a coupon to procure half-price discounts on their Octopus cards at the Lok Ma Chau Customer Service Center to be used after 830am daily between September 24, 2014 and January 26, 2015. According to the MTR, Lok Ma Chau traffic has always been less than the MTR border crossing station at Lo Wu. So this was a way for them to stimulate usage by Shenzhen residents with individual visit permits. The MTR also noted that Hong Kong passengers can get half-price fares from the customer service centres selected stations to Lok Ma Chau.

--- "If I don't like mainlanders, then I wouldn't have so many mainland friends." Hahahah. This must be a parody of the Friend Argument, which is called the laziest way to try to worm out of accepting the responsibility for endorsing prejudice.

--- Mainlanders cross the border illegally to deliver babies in Hong Kong and obtain HK ID's? (Community Legal Information Centre) Are all children who are born in Hong Kong automatically entitled to right of abode?

The present law is complicated. Essentially, being born in Hong Kong does not of itself confer any rights. Additional qualifications must be met and are summarized below:

  1. Persons who were born in Hong Kong who also have Chinese nationality are entitled to Hong Kong permanent resident status, regardless of where their parents are from. This was established in a landmark decision by the Court of Final Appeal in Director of Immigration v Chong Fung Yuen.
  2. Persons who were born in Hong Kong who are not of Chinese nationality may be entitled to permanent residence if one of their parents is a permanent resident . In such cases, the entitlement to permanent residence is only valid up to the age of 21, and thereafter these persons must apply for qualification on their own (article 24(2)(5) of the Basic Law).
  3. Persons who were born in Hong Kong who are neither Chinese nationals nor have a parent who is a Hong Kong permanent resident acquire no legal rights by virtue of being born in Hong Kong. If the parents of such persons are living in Hong Kong , they must seek a dependant visa for the child.

Take a good look at the black hand behind Director of Immigration v Chong Fung Yuen. It is not Jiang Zemin/Hu Jintao/Xi Jinping/CY Leung.

--- "I have always said that I am a Hongkonger and I have never said that I am Chinese." That sounds very familiar. Oh, Joshua Wong went to Taiwan and said during a media interview: "I am a Hongkonger. I am of Chinese descent. But I am not Chinese."

Notwithstanding all that, Joshua Wong is obliged by law to carry a Hong Kong ID with the insignia containing the words "People's Republic of China Hong Kong Special Administrative Region"

--- Your grandparents get better senior citizen benefits in mainland China, so the mainland Chinese should not be rushing down to Hong Kong? Your grandparents apparently stayed behind in China, but their daughter rushed down to Hong Kong to marry a Hong Kong man and have you as their daughter. If all mainlanders are banned from coming to Hong Kong, you wouldn't have been born.

---  You could have been born in China when your father went there to fuck your mother, but you would not be allowed to come down to Hong Kong to live in an expensive apartment with your boyfriend.

--- Housing prices rise because mainlanders are rushing down to overwhelm tiny Hong Kong? Are you so sure? Could it be that real estate hegemons collude with government officials to make sure that public housing don't get built? Or real estate property hegemons collude with environmentalists to stall land acquisition for residential developments?

--- Mainlanders bid up housing prices? Well, when mainlanders buy a house in Hong Kong, they pay the stamp duty. For example, if they buy a $20 million house, they pay $1,500,000 to the Hong Kong government, which spends on you! And it is not likely that you will pay $1,500,000 in taxes over the course of the next 100 years.

--- "Although I did not attend the last several demonstration marches, I see that my friends all marched. I am really worried that something could happen to my friends. [Sobs]" Fuck you and the horse you rode in on! Just another armchair strategist/keyboard warrior!

- A number of Facebooks have identified the woman in this video as Yoyo Ng who attempted suicide again recently. It is hard to tell by the looks, given that Kong girls use so much powder make-up, false eyelashes, contact lenses and cheap South Korean cosmetic surgery. However, the psychological profile match as both are psychopathological and suicidal. QED.

Previously, They've Got New Legal Theories.

(SCMP) January 16, 2017.

An appeal court has rejected a last-ditch bid by two Hong Kong pro-independence activists to have their Legislative Council seats reinstated after they were ousted during the oath-taking saga.

Youngspiration former lawmakers-elect Yau Wai-ching and Sixtus Baggio Leung Chung-hang, who met the media before the Court of Appeals ruling was handed down, said on Monday that they were prepared for the outcome and might apply for permission to pursue their case at the Court of Final Appeal.

The duo are seeking to challenge previous rulings against them at the citys top court. If an application for leave to appeal is refused by the Court of Appeal, an application may be made to the Court of Final Appeal for such permission.

The Court of Appeal also ordered Baggio Leung and Yau to pay the chief executive and the secretary for justice the winning parties a total of HK$335,702 in legal costs.

When reporters asked the pair outside court why they still wanted to pursue the case, Leung said: We have new grounds.

(Hong Kong Free Press) January 16, 2017.

The High Court has rejected the request of localist politicians Yau Wai-ching and Baggio Leung Chung-hang in their final bid to overturn the courts decision to disqualify them from the legislature.

On Monday, the duo spoke to media outside the court to announce its decision. They said they would be appealing to the Court of Final Appeal directly. Leung said the outcome was expected. He added that they would be submitting new legal arguments to the court, though he declined to disclose them. The ousted lawmaker said they would be instructing Senior Counsel Gladys Li and a Queens Counsel from the UK.

The pair are seeking donations of HK$5 million from the public to fund their appeal case. On Monday, they said they have raised HK$550,000 so far. They previously said that they must secure HK$1.6 million to pay the deposit for the Court of Final Appeal, or the court would not hear the appeal. Leung did not directly respond to questions about what they would do with the amount raised if they could not meet their targets.

CACV 226.2016 The Chief Executive of the HKSAR and Another vs. Yau Wai-ching and others (2017/01/16)

Internet comments:

- (Oriental Daily) January 15, 2017. On the evening before the Court of Appeal of the High Court announces its decision, Leung Chung-hang posted on his Facebook: "The battle will take place at the Court of Final Appeal" and "this is a battle that must be won." Does this mean that they and their fired legislative aides will 'occupy' the Court of Final Appeal?

- (Oriental Daily) January 15, 2017. On the evening before the Court of Appeal of the High Court announces its decision, Leung Chung-hang posted on his Facebook: "The battle will take place at the Court of Final Appeal" and "this is a battle that must be won." Does this mean that they and their fired legislative aides will 'occupy' the Court of Final Appeal?

- Internet cartoon:

"The battle has started.
Help me flag a taxi!"

- (Oriental Daily) January 16, 2017. Leung/Yau said that they will go directly to the Court of Final Appeal and present the best legal reasons. When asked why they waited until the last step before producing their best legal arguments, Yau Wai-ching said that even if they win based upon those legal arguments in an intermediary stage, the government will appeal up to the Court of Final Appeal. Therefore they might as well as wait until the final stage. Yau Wai-ching said that one must have good techniques when fighting against the government.

- If your legal reasoning is sound, you will win all the way from the first stage to the last. You don't see the government holding back their arguments, do you? They began with arguing that Leung/Yau violated the Oaths and Declarations Ordinance as mandated by Basic Law Article 104 and that stuck all the way.

- (Oriental Daily) January 16, 2017. Leung/Yau listed a number of reasons: (1) the court should not interfere with Legislative Council matters; (2) the oath should be decided by the person who administers the oath and not by others; (3) the Oaths and Declarations Ordinance does not require a Legislative Councilor to be solemn; (4) a Legislative Councilor who neglects or refuses to take the oath should not be disqualified from the job; etc. The Court of Appeal pointed out that even if the legal issues affect the public interest, the arguments that they make have no reasonable chance to succeed.

- (Oriental Daily) January 16, 2017. Leung/Yau argued said that they have additional arguments to make to the Court of Final Appeal. The High Court responded that they should directly give those arguments to the Court of Final Appeal. According to the process, they have one more chance to apply directly to the Court of Final Appeal within 28 days.

- (Oriental Daily) January 16, 2017. Leung Chung-hang admitted that they are not ready with the legal aid application and the deposit for the hearing. They don't even know the amount or due date for the deposit. What happens if the crowdfunding could not raise the required sum? Leung said that he hopes the deposit would be smaller. He also said that he has never heard of the High Court ever refusing to hold a hearing due to the failure to pay the deposit.

- They have probably applied for legal aid but the decision has not yet been made. If they were still legislative councilors with a $95,180 per month salary, it may be hard for the Legal Aid Department to pay for their legal fees. But since they are jobless now, they are indigent in theory. Yau claims to be still living with her parents. However, Leung owns a flat in Southern Horizons.

- The fatal gap in the legal arguments is that there is no attempt whatsoever to justify or rationalize what Leung/Yau did during the oath ceremony. The lawyers could not mount a defense of the indefensible. They can't possibly start arguing that their oaths were solemn and sincere at the last stage, can they? If so, it will be a quick death.

- What happens with the donated money if they could not meet the targets and are therefore forced to abandon the appeal? They decline to state but I know the answer:

Donate more money more frequently in cash to the Leung/Yau Defence Fund!

- (Speakout HK) January 16, 2017.

All along, Leung Chung-hang and Yau Wai-ching kept saying that they have new legal viewpoints that will bring them victory. What are those viewpoints? Sorry, nobody knows. Well, if you are spending your own money to pay your lawyers, nobody cares what your viewpoints are. As long as the judges agree with you, you are done. Yet, you two blokes have no money and you want to raise money through crowdfunding. When you want us to open their wallets, shouldn't you tell us what your new legal viewpoints are? After all, they don't want to hand over their money just so you can give it to your two Senior Counsels for nothing.

Throughout the crowdfunding process, Leung and Yau kept releasing 'new information.' Today, they said that they are going to hire a Queen's Counsel plus Civic Party Senior Counsel Gladys Li. But can we ask: Where is the money coming from? How can you afford to hire the two senior barristers? If you can't afford to hire them, then why are you using them as the key selling points for your crowdfunding campaign? This is a really confusing cause-and-effect story.


The money is in the pockets of the public at this time. I have no opinion about whether one should donate money to Leung/Yau. The public can decide for themselves. But if you hand the money over to them, it will go to the lawyers for nothing; if you keep the money in your pocket, you can do more meaningful things.

- After losing in the Court of First Instance, Leung and Yau went to the High Court with 'new legal viewpoints' and they asked the public to donate more money to support this battle that Hong Kong cannot afford to lose. But they offered only variations of the same old legal viewpoints and the High Court turned down the appeal by simply quoting the Court of First Instance -- it's been argued before and nothing has changed.

After losing in the High Court, they went to the Court of Appeal at the High Court with "new legal viewpoints" and they asked the public to donate more money to support this battle that Hong Kong cannot afford to lose. But they offered only variations of the same old legal viewpoints. The Court of Appeal at the High Court had an easy job turning down the appeal. One of Gladys Li's point on behalf of Yau Wai-ching was dismissed with a terse "This point cannot be argued."

Now they are going to the Court of Final Appeal with "new legal viewpoints" and they are asking you the public to donate more money to support this battle that Hong Kong cannot afford to lose. What are those "new legal viewpoints" that were carefully saved for this final battle between Good and Evil? They can't tell us, because they don't want to alert the other side! You the public only have to donate more money to them, and you can trust them because they have the best legal minds with new legal viewpoints that they cannot disclose. That's all.

- Leung/Yau said that the money to the crowdfunding campaign has stopped coming in for the last ten days. Battle fatigue for the public?

(Wikipedia) In the first four years (2013-2016), this Hunan Satellite TV reality show came under the name <I Am A Singer>. In 2017, the new name is <Singer> with some rule changes.

December 2015, Hins Cheung became embroiled over Season 4 of  <I Am A Singer>.

Anna Chan's weibo
Hins Cheung, you opposed national education, you sang Occupy Central songs and you inflamed conflicts between Hong Kong and mainland! You use the fact that you are a Guangzhou-raised singer in order to create trouble in Hong Kong. That much is undeniable! But on the TVB program <Three Entertainment Brothers>, you have the nerve to call all those who criticize you on Weibo as being hired guns who took money? By refusing to acknowledge what you did and also smearing patriots, you are truly disappointing!

(Wen Wei Po) December 15, 2015.

Anna Chan offered three pieces of evidence against Hins Cheung.

1. Hins Cheung said that Hong Kong is the last piece of clean earth for Chinese democracy. In 2012, Hins Cheung wrote on Facebook: "I grew up on the mainland. My family background is pro-establishment. But I am glad that I came to Hong Kong to work, live and settle down. It let me know the value of freedom and democracy ... Hong Kong, you are the last piece of clean earth for Chinese democracy. Please be strong, protect yourself and don't let the next generation be patriotic without understanding why. Please do not let Gloucester Road, Princess Road, Prince Edward Road become People's Road, Liberation Road, Harmony Road. Please let your freedom be forever so. Let the mainland tourists come here and learn the value of freedom. Today, the color black represents light!"

2. Last year, there was a mainland child urinating in a Hong Kong street. The poisonous media used this to fan hatred between Hong Kong and mainland. Government official Gregory So came out to ask the people of Hong Kong to be tolerant. Hins Cheung wrote on Facebook: "If I weren't a public figure, I would really like to visit your official home. But I may urinate and defecate anytime anywhere I want. You must remember to be tolerant. Thank you!"

3. On December 6, 2015, Hins Cheung was interviewed on TVB:

Q: Have you done anything on the Internet that caused a great stir, such that you won't do it again?
A: Someone distorted my comments on Hong Kong current affairs. As soon as it crosses the Lo Wu border, it becomes something different. They will say that you are supporting separatism, etc. Right now there are still people criticizing me in the mainland. I ignore them.

Q: You mean that you will say less in the future or you ignore them.
A: Because I learned afterwards that those people were paid to do so.

Q: Oh, oh, oh. Fifty-cent gang. Navy.

Anna Chan's weibo
Hunan Satellite TV's <I Am A Singer 4> has made changes to its roster of singers at the last moment. According to information, singer Hins Chueng will not participate in the program due to personal reasons.
What idol? Idols emerge because the country lets you, and the country can also take it back! Without the country, you are less than a fart!

(Hong Kong Free Press) December 17, 2015.

Hong Kong musician Hins Cheung King-hin has denied suggestions that he was barred from performing in a popular mainland singing contest following calls to boycott the artist from pro-Beijing activists.

In previous seasons, the first-episode lineup for reality TV music competition I Am a Singer has always included at least one contestant from Hong Kong. Chinas state media Xinhua reported that Cheung was originally included in the lineup, but that he dropped out because of personal reasons.

I am shocked [by reports that he was dropped from the programme], Cheung said. There are only jobs regarding my concert in Macau and award presentations on my January schedule. There are no other jobs scheduled for me, so this report is not true.

Emperor Entertainment CEO Mani Fok told Apple Daily: No one from the company had confirmed Hins participation in I Am a Singer, so there is no drop-out.

Last Friday, Caring Hong Kong Power convener and pro-Beijing activist Chan Ching-sum called for a boycott of Cheung on Chinese social media, citing his opposition to National Education and support for the pro-democracy Occupy movement. I cannot stop what you do, but I have the right to boycott you! she wrote.

One netizen commented: Support! At a show two days ago, he even said he never speaks Putonghua! [He] did not speak in Putonghua at his concert! Only speaking in Cantonese! Rubbish! Responding to Chans Weibo posts, Cheung said: Anyway, my jobs in the mainland are not affected, and [I] will continue going back to the mainland to work. Last year, Cheung appeared in a video alongside Anthony Wong Chau-sang and other local artists performing a pro-democracy anthem adopted from the Les Miserables song Do You Hear the People Sing?

This is one year later, and the show is now known as <Singer>. The preliminary program includes Hins Cheung in the first episode. Here is the promotional poster.

Perhaps in anticipation of trouble, Hins Cheung posted pre-emptively on his mainland Weibo:

January 9, 2017.
I was for in Guangzhou, a passionate and happy place. My wonderful hometown taught me how to love life, and accord me the pride of being Chinese. I loved music, I liked to sing. Today, I am able to stand on the stage of <Singer> mostly because my hometown gave a strength which has continued to flow in my blood. It is the blood of a Chinese person. I will never forget this no matter where I go, and it can never change. After I went to develop my career in Hong Kong, I received a lot of passions and praises. But even as those who like me pay attention to me, it was inevitable that I drew the rumorsand  attacks of various opinions and views which misinterpret my identity and positions. In the storm of he eye, I chose silence because my voice would be swamped by the tidal waves. Some people manufactured a lot of radical views and attributed them to me as pro-Hong Kong independence. Let me re-iterate: I am Chinese, I was never for Hong Kong independence, I firmly oppose anything separatism. This is my principle.

I feel helpless against these baseless accusations. I don't know how to clarify. Whom can I explain to? I am a singer, my music and behavior are monitored by the audience and fans. I accept being scrutinized. In my moment of deepest despair and loneliness, I have no choice. Since I was born for music, I will sing well for those who love and understand everything about me.

Is this going to win over Anna Chan et alia?

Anna Chan's Facebook, January 11, 2017.

What Hins Cheung has done was even more deplorable than the Hong Kong independence folks! With a red-rooted family background in Guanghzou, he wanted to come here and shake the hand of Joshua Wong over National Education; he wanted to defecate/urinate all over Secretary Gregory So's home; he supported Occupy Central; he lauded the Occupy Central thugs; he supported the Sunflower Movement in Taiwan; he imitated Dr. Lo Chung-mau falling on the ground ... I remembered that even as we yelled our support of National Education at the top of our voices, Hins Cheung was saying the exact opposite! If you were such a patriot, why did you oppose National Education? Why did you want to shake Joshua Wong's hand? Will the people of Hong Kong know dignity and freedom without any National Education? By not getting National Education, Hong Kong will be the last piece of uncontaminated earth for Chinese democracy? Is something wrong inside your head, Hins Cheung? I ask you, does any country in the world not have its own national education? Today you want to earn some RMB and therefore you use Weibo to express your patriotism? The Central Government and the HKSAR government have both defined Occupy Central as illegal! Since Hins Cheung now knows that he was wrong, will he lead the way and turn himself in! A brave man should admit what he did! Tell your friends that you took part in the illegal Occupy Central, and then apologize for it. You can also use your background of a red-rooted mainland family to give full support to National Education,  condemn the brick-throwing thugs, denounce the Legislative Councilors who said "Shina" ... do you dare? Also, how come you don't dare to post your weibo on your Facebook and Instagram as well?

Screen captures of Hins Cheung were saved previously by Anna Chan:

Hins Cheung's Facebook
Last night, after watching the news, I decided to support the friends who are on hunger strike. At the 7/11 on Lyndhurst Terrace, I purchased a carton of Pocari and a carton of Lucozade. When I got to Government Headquarters, I saw that some of them were not sleeping yet. I wanted to go over and shake the hand of Joshua. But they seem to be holding a meeting, so I did not disturb them. I grew up in mainland China, and my family background is very red-rooted. But I am glad that I can come to live and work in Hong Kong, and then stay. I got to know the value of democracy and freedom. I keep thinking that the founding fathers of the wars years of China also rose up to fight for democracy. Our primary school history text books said that the First Emperor of Qin was a dictator who burned the books and massacred the scholars. How is that different from the policy of harmony today? The people have never wanted to kill anyone. They only want to preserve their dignity and freedom. Hong Kong, you are the last piece of pure earth for Chinese democracy. Please be strong, protect yourself and not let the next generation become patriotic without good reasons. Do not let Gloucester Road, Princess Margaret Road and Prince Edward Road become People's Road, Liberation Road and Harmony Road. Please keep your freedom so that mainland travelers can come here and see how great freedom can be.

Ming Pao:
Hins Cheung grabs his knee on his sofa, in imitation of Hong Kong University Council members Dr. Lo Chung-mau who fell down to the ground.

Hing Cheung: Mister So, why don't I refer you to a psychiatrist? I don't understand why as a government official who stays in an air-conditioned room while collecting a hefty salary wants to say such shameless irresponsible things? If I were shameless and if I were not a public figure, I really want to visit your official home. But I may be defecating and urinating everywhere. Please don't forget to be tolerant. Thanks!

Silent Majority for Hong Kong: He wore blood-red make-up on stage in praise of the fully- rioters who are challenging Hong Kong law and charging at the police. He told us that he will continue to wear make-up to criticize the Hong Kong Police.
Ming Pao: Entertainer Hins Cheung attended the Metro Radio Awards Show wearing blood-red make-up. He affixed a number of bright red "veins" to criticize the police for using batons to disperse the demonstrators.

(Mango TV Woman's Weibo)

Taping of episode 1 of <Singer> is complete.
The conclusion was the Hins Cheung has withdrawn from <Singer>
All previous contents on Hins Cheung on the official program weibo has been purged
All his recorded performances have been purged
All his interactions with other guests have been purged
If there were scenes that would not be deleted, then his head was covered with a mosaic
All other singers shall act as if nothing has happened
Basically it is as if this person had never been invited
The competition rules may have to be changed or perhaps a replacement must be found
So every singer has to be responsible for his own words and deeds
In the entertainment world
The audience are never looking at the basic problem itself
If you are not politically astute, you may be silly enough to think that this is an express of true feelings
In order to get on the program, you insist that you never said it before
The spectators like to enjoy themselves, but they are neither blind nor death
So it is time for goodbye.

(Oriental Daily) January 14, 2017.

According to information, episode 1 of <Singer> was taped on January 10, 2017. Hins Cheung chose the song <Too Realistic A Kiss> and wounded up finishing second to last and therefore made it to the next round. However, the news is that his part in the program will be excised completely when aired.

Emperor Entertainment Group's Guangzhou office General Manager Zhou Feng posted on his own weibo: "No sadness, just anger." On his photo he uploaded the caption: "Remember, the world is inconstant: don't be too nice."

(Weixin.qq.com) The complete catalog of incidents.

September 2012: ATV's program about National Education was accused of being biased. Entertainment Chapman To said that he was ashamed to have started his career at ATV. Hins Cheung announced that he will no longer work with ATV and he will formally join in the campaign to stop National Education.

March 2014: Hins Cheung and a number of theatrical actors/actresses sang the Occupy Central song Do You Hear the People Sing? and uploaded the number onto social media. Hins Cheung wrote on Instagram that they posted the lyrics on the backstage.

March 2014: Hins Cheung wrote to the Sunflower Movement in Taiwan: "To the fellow students against the Taiwan Straits, add oil!" He openly supported the Sunflower Movement to stop the Service Trade Agreement.

April 2014: A mainland child urinated in public in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Secretary of Commerce and Economic Development Gregory So asked citizens to be tolerant for the sake of peace and harmony. Hins Cheung wrote on Instagram: "I really want to visit your home, but I may be urinating and defecating everywhere. Please remember to be tolerant."

October 2014: The police released pepper spray and tear gas to disperse the demonstrators. Hins Cheung commented on the relevant news photos: "The people are innocent! Firmly oppose violent suppression of the masses!"

December 2014: Joshua Wong started a hunger strike in order to force the HKSAR government to reject the constitutional reform proposal from the Central Government. Hins Cheung wrote on Instagram: "I bought a box of Pocari and a Box of Lucozade. I got down to Government Headquarters. I saw that some of the friends were not asleep yet. I really wanted to go over and shake Joshua Wong's hand ..."

December 2014: Hins Cheung wrote on Instagram: "Hong Kong, you are the last piece of pure earth of Chinese democrdacy."

December 27, 2014: Hins Cheung went to an awards presentation show wearing bloody makeup in order to express a "message" about how the police dispersed demonstrators during Occupy Central.

After being criticized by mainland Internet users, Hins Cheung replied on Instagram: "They used various information channels to accuse me of treason." But since he loves his family, he compromised. But Hins Cheung emphasized that he is standing by the Occupy Central people and he will support them in his heart. "I will use my songs to support them in my own way! I have no regrets ..."

January 1, 2015: Hins Cheung attended the Commercial Radio Ultimate Song Charts Awards Show and paid keen attention to the singers who sang the Occupy Central song <Raise the Yellow Umbrella>.

January 9, 2017: Hins Cheung issued a declaration of patriotism on Weibo. He emphasized that he is Chinese and Chinese blood flows in his body. For the Hong Kong media, this sudden flip-flop raised "goose pimples."

(Sing Tao) January 17, 2017.

Today EEG finally responded: "We have been following with the television station about the reports Hins Cheung at the Hunan Satellite TV program <Singer>. From the day when the program was recorded to now, there have been various kinds of voices whether accurate or inaccurate, fair or unfair. This has created huge pressures on the singer and the television station. This morning, we discussed for the last time with the television station. Both sides have jointly decided to terminate this cooperation. In the future, Hins Cheung will concentrate on his music and train his body to deal with the busy work and concerts in order to repay his music fans. Finally, we thank Hunan Satellite TV for their earnest invitation this time, and to thank all the fans of Hins Cheung for their devoutly supporting him. Hins also hope that the music fans can support and appreciate his decision.

Internet comments:

- What happens to someone who stands on the wall without choosing either side? He gets shoot at from both sides. Here is a Hong Kong localist cartoon of his <Singer> poster. The words have been changed to "The bones inside Shina people will always be Shina. Go back to your Shina nation! Hins Cheung got down on his knees for the sake of RMB!"

- (Apple Daily) January 10, 2017. Internet comments:

Hong Kong

- I'm very disappointed in you. Even today you still want to appear on this shit program to prove what? Do you remember what you said before? Today's me has overthrown yesterday's me!

- Somewhat disappointed. You have great ideals, but you chose the wrong platform. I still like your singing, but I am sorry that I won't watch this garbage program.

- I am disappointed not because you are kneeling down for RMB, but because you were born in mainland China. What you wrote on weibo make it loud and clear that you oppose separatism. Before you became popular, you chose to become a Hongkonger. After your career took off, you chose to become Chinese again. Right? You chose to submit yourself to those who are bullying you. Your aura has fallen off. I want to remember the you who was once a Hongkonger. I wish you the best of luck going back to the Motherland, but I will not be cheering you on.

Mainland China

- Esteemed Mr. Zhang Jing-xian. Can you please put your weibo essay on your Facebook as well in order to demonstrate your sincerity. It is a fact that you supported Occupy Central. Did you know that someone on mainland China was sentenced to jail for supporting Occupy Central? A genuine Chinese person must accept his responsibilities. When you make a mistake, you rectify it. We can forgive you, but you shouldn't treat us as fools.

- You say one thing on Weibo, and something else on Facebook/Instagram. You were so active in the early stages of Occupy Central. As a public figure, if you pick sides and show us a bad example, you should be held responsible for such actions. You deserve the boycott by the Internet users. We have seen enough of you double-faced entertainers.

- You spared no effort to attack the Hong Kong and mainland governments during Occupy Central. But now you refuse to admit it. When you realized that there is money to make here, you show up with a thick skin. Coward!

- (Apple Daily) January 14, 2017. Internet comments.

Mainland China

- Separatism will end badly. Do not forget that the audience does not suffer from amnesia. As a public figure, you should have decided on your role. On one hand, you support Hong Kong independence. On the other hand,  you say that you are Chinese. Do you really think that we are blind? That we can't access Facebook? When you want to make money, you remember that you are Chinese? Sorry, you cannot just hug the Motherland's thigh whenever your feel like.

- If you want to make money in mainland China, we won't demand that you grovel about your being Chinese. But it is pretty disgusting to say one thing and do something else behind the back.

- Hins Cheung was always cannon fodder for Hunan Satellite TV to generate public interest. His expulsion was anticipated.

- One thing on Facebook, and the opposite on Weibo. Shouldn't such a separatist be expelled? Some people say that we are still living in the midst of the Cultural Revolution. I say that your brain is a good thing and I hope that we all have one. Freedom of speech is okay, but separatism is not okay. You cannot advocate separatism.

Sometimes, I feel a profound helplessness. I am sick and tired of repeating to people that Hins Cheung is not pro-Hong Kong independence. I find that the banality of the Chinese people is deeply planted into the hearts and souls. There is no way to eradicate it. Once someone pours dirty water onto an innocent person, the rest of the people will spit at him as well. It is sad that Hins Cheung has become the sacrifice of the Mango TV hype.

Hong Kong

- Those 1,000 words to declare your patriotism led to the same outcome. This shows that if you have the ability, you will always have a market. You should never have tossed your dignity into the trash bin in order to get close to China.

- You really screwed up this time. The mainland Chinese ban has begun. You are the grass on the wall leaning in the direction of the wind. You should have copied the righteous example of Chapman To.

- I am going to be watching Hins Cheung in mosaic on <Singer>. There was no reason to re-tape the show. If China ousted Hins Cheung, then the problem is with China. If Hins Cheung withdrew on his own, then there is no problem. So what did Hins Cheung withdraw, or was he withdrawn?

- Is it wrong to boycott an entertainer because you dislike his political beliefs? If you think that it is wrong, where were you when the Hong Kong localists organized the boycott of the movie From Vegas to Macau III?

- We were born in a time of chaos (生於亂世) where the people cannot make a living (民不聊生). So only leftist retards (左膠) still want to talk about principles. This is just so pass already! Today we are fighting for our survival. We have one and only principle: Everything that we do is morally right, and everything that our enemies do is morally wrong. That's all you have to remember. Go home now and wait for the next call to action. In the meantime, keep donating more money more frequently to the Cause.

- It wasn't as if the Ministry of Culture issued a direct order to Hunan Satellite TV to fire Hins Cheung. Instead, it was a slow unraveling. It began with Hunan Satellite TV announcing its <Singer> roster, which includes Hins Cheung. Because of the rumors swirling around the non-appearance of Hins Cheung last year, this drew extra attention. Internet users such as Anna Chan brought back the catalog of Hins Cheung's sayings and actions. Hins Cheung decided to issue his own declaration of patriotism which was rejected by Internet users because he completely failed to declare and apologize for his past deeds. Things got to a point where <Singer> will certainly not go ahead as a reality show, because Hins Cheung will continue to become the talk of the town with a consumer boycott campaign against Hunan Satellite TV and its advertisers. So they cut Hins Cheung off.

- Who is Anna Chan? Why does she wield so much power? As Anthony Wong once pointed out, Anna Chan is a nobody -- she has no official power whatsoever. Even Anna Chan says so, but she also says: I cannot stop what you do, but I have the right to boycott you! And the Internet allows her to tell everybody else about her reasons and ask them to join her in the boycott.

- Anna Chan's technique is very simple. She visits the personal blog, Facebook, Instagram, weibo and weixin of the celebrities and takes screen captures of what she regarded as unpatriotic, immoral, etc. Then she presents it on her own social media pages. The rest is up to the people. She has never been caught with fabricating information in order to make up a case against a targeted individual.  (Link)

- Anna Chan has only about 120,000+ weibo followers and 6,000+ Facebook followers. Hins Cheung has millions of fans on Weibo and Facebook. So if Anna Chan wins, it is a case of People Power. She collated the facts and let the people decide for themselves They did it for themselves and not for Anna Chan.

- Emperor Entertainment Group has a large stable of entertainers: Nicholas Tse, Joey Yung, Twins, Raymond Lam, Leo Ku, etc. With their extensive experience, how did they wind up in this situation? Why was Hins Cheung allowed to enter <Singer> given what Anna Chan had already uncovered last year? Who reviewed the so-called Declaration of Patriotism, which was clearly insufficient? And how come EEG PR people are missing in action now?

- Here is some terminology in Hong Kong public relations.

[露底] "Unintentionally revealed your bottom card" -- Through his past actions, Hins Cheung is perceived to have revealed his true nature.

[] "Mend the broken wok" -- Hins Cheung needs to heal his perceived problems.

[洗底] "Complete makeover, such as an open declaration to quit triad society" -- Hins Cheung has the option of making a clean breast of all his past mistakes and re-boot his life as a new human being.

[淆底] "Did something wrong, chickened out and refused to accept responsibility" -- Hins Cheung also has the option of confusing the issue and hope to muddle his way out of his perceived problems.

[大鑊] "Big wok" -- Oh boy, I think we have a serious problem here!

[金翅街鳥] "The golden-winged pok gai Bird" -- This time you've really screwed up!

- (Oriental Daily) January 16, 2017.

So far Hins Cheung has not commented on what happened. Over the years, it has been rumored that Hins Cheung is blacklisted on mainland China. Recently a group of EEG singers including Nicholas Tse, Joey Yung, Leo Ku, Hacken Lee, Raymond Lam, William Chan and Twins sang the theme song for the new movie <Cook Up A Storm>. Hins Cheung was notably absent. More recently, the <Cook Up A Storm Music Tasting of EEG Superstars Concert> was held in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou against without Hins Cheung.

According to information, EEG has been trying to plead the case with various authorities over the years. This year they finally got Hins Cheung into <Singer> in a low-profiled manner. Unfortunately, Hins Cheung's recent post was too sensitive and touched the nerves of mainland Internet users again. This placed Hunan Satellite TV in a no-win situation. Eventually they decided to cut Hins Cheung loose.

(SCMP) December 1, 2016.

What is perhaps most intriguing is a local delegation to Beijing led by former journalist and radio host Robert Chow Yung. Chow founded Silent Majority for Hong Kong two years ago to fight Occupy Central. As its leader, he managed yesterday to meet the whos who in Beijing in charge of Hong Kong affairs. These included National Peoples Congress chairman Zhang Dejiang (張德江), Liaison Office director Zhang Xiaoming (張曉明), Wang Guangya (王光亞) of the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office and Chen Zuoer (陳佐洱), chairman of the semi-official Chinese Association of Hong Kong and Macau Studies.

One meeting reportedly lasted two hours. And the encounters were no mere chit-chats. Zhang used the occasion to warn that advocating independence for Hong Kong would bring calamity to the country and the people, and Hongkongers must struggle against it. Chen said there must be no mercy in dealing with secessionists, who must be ruthlessly pursued and rooted out.

Even for a top Hong Kong official such as the chief executive, such meetings would have been unusually high profile; for a local civic group, its practically unheard of.

So what is the deal with Silent Majority for Hong Kong and other pro-establishment Internet media outlets? What is their standing in the media ecology of Hong Kong?

(Silent Majority for Hong Kong) January 11, 2017.

The following is a table of statistics for the major Hong Kong politics Facebook sites for one week in November 2016. The four columns of numbers are (1) cumulative number of LIKE's; (2) change from last week; (3) number of posts this week; (4) weekly engagement. The numbers came directly from Facebook, so that there is no room for manipulation.

The 21 Hong Kong political Facebook pages are (1) Apple Daily; (2) 100 Most; (3) Bastille Post; (4) D100+; (5) InMediaHK; (6) Passion Times; (7) Speak Out HK; (8) Ming Pao Instant News; (9) Good News Hong Kong; (10) On.cc; (11) Orange News; (12) HK01; (13) Stand News; (14) Initium Media; (15) Silent Majority for Hong Kong; (16) memehk.com; (17) am730; (18) Pan Siu To; (19) NOW News; (20) HKG Pao; (21) Post852. They have been ranked by the accumulated number of Facebook users who have given LIKE's. The pro-establishment ones are in red.

According to Fanpage Karma,

The number of fans is the most well known of all the figures and its publicly available for each fan page. However, the significance of this KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is limited. The number of inactive fans, who were attracted by competitions but are not interested in the content of the page or simply purchased fans reduce the meaningfulness.

A better KPI is Weekly Engagement, which is the number of people who Liked, Commented, Shared or Clicked on your post. In the above table, the top six in Weekly Engagement have been framed inside BOLD RED rectangles: (1) Apple Daily; (2) Silent Majority for HK; (3) 100 Most; (4) HKG Pao; (5) Speak Out HK; (6) Good News Hong Kong. (2), (4), (5) and (6) are politically pro-establishment.

While Passion Times has a total number of 416,700 Page Likes, its weekly engagement is only 45,000. This means that the number of readers is declining and/or it is unable to engage its readers anymore.

While Apple Daily has a total number of 2 million Page Likes, it weekly engagement is 962,100. Of these, an unknown number is going to its non-political content (such as entertainment, finance, soccer, horse racing, etc).

While Silent Majority for Hong Kong only has a total of 147,000 Page Likes, its weekly engagement is 483,000! So it is clear that Silent Majority for Hong Kong draws a lot of non-fan readers who engage with its contents.

(HK01) Meanwhile, former Chinese University of Hong Kong Student Union president Tommy Cheung Sau-yin had a different analysis. His Key Performance Indicator is the Engagement Score, defined to be (0.1 x Number of Comments) + (0.1 x Number of Likes/Reactions) + (Number of Shares).

For the period July 2, 2014 to December 15, 2014, a search was run the keywords: 'Occupy Central' OR ' Umbrella Movement' OR 'Umbrella Revolution' OR 'Occupy.'

The pages that are ranked here are: (1) Apple Daily; (2) Passion Times; (3) D100+; (4) InMediaHK; (5) Speak Out HK; (6) Ming Pao Instant News; (7) Salute to Hong Kong Police; (8) Silent Majority for HK; (9) SocREC; (10) Good News Hong Kong. The non-establishment Facebook pages are far superior to the pro-establishment pages. Apple Daily by itself is more influential than the combination of Speak Out HK, Salute to Hong Kong Police, Silent Majority for Hong Kong and Good News Hong Kong together.

Next, for the period of October 12, 2016 to November 16, 2016, a search was run on the keywords: 'Youngspiration' OR 'YoungPolitics' OR 'Leung/Yau' OR 'Leung Chung-hang' OR 'Yau Wai-ching.'

The top ten pages are: (1) Speak Out for HK; (2) HKG Pao; (3) Silent Majority for HK; (4) Apple Daily; (5) Good News Hong Kong; (6) Stand News; (7) Salute to Hong Kong Police; (8) Show Support to Preserve Universal Suffrage, Oppose Occupy Central; (9) Ming Pao Instant News; (10) On.cc. The pro-establishment camp now have six out of the top 10.

Next, for the period of October 12, 2016 to November 16, 2016, a search was run on the keywords: 'Localist' OR 'Self-determination' OR 'Hong Kong independence':

The top 10 pages are: Silent Majority for HK; (2) HK01; (3) Speak Out HK; (4) HKG Pao; (5) Apple Daily); (6) HK01 News; (7) Good News Hong Kong; (8) Salute to Hong Kong Police; (9) D100+; (10) Show Support to Preserve Universal Suffrage, Oppose Occupy Central. The pro-establishment camp has six out of the top ten.

- There are at least two different explanations about the difference between 2014 and 2016.

Explanation #1: The Chinese Communists have injected a ton of money to build up the pro-establishment presence on social media. But that can't be the only full story because the Chinese Communists could not build up Wen Wei Po/Ta Kung Pao even with unlimited resources. The pro-establishment media are doing something right now.

Explanation #2: What Yau/Leung did was indefensible, and so is Localism/Self-determination/Independence. How many more times can you say that saying "People's Re-fucking of Shina" is guaranteed/protected under freedom of speech and separation of powers? How do you keep a straight face without being embarrassed? What it means is that the grand narrative is swinging in favor of the pro-establishment positions.

- How can Silent Majority for Hong Kong only have a total of 147,000 fans, but there is a weekly engagement of 483,000? This can be as simple as running an online poll on a subject such as: "Do you think that there should be a Hong Kong Palace Museum or not?" When you go to that page to vote, you are counted in the Weekly Engagement even though you have not become a 'friend'.

Can Apple Daily run a similar poll? Yes, but they can't run this poll because they know the answer already and they cannot accept it. The non-establishment side is suffering from a dearth of supporting issues.

- And then the non-establishment websites are being flanked on the other side. (Wen Wei Po) January 12, 2017.

There is a Hongkonger named Alfred Chow. He runs an eyeglass store in a certain Tsuen Wan shopping mall. He has started a Hong Kong Scorched Earth Power Facebook page. His Facebook friends include Yau Wai-ching, Ray Wong and other pro-independence celebrities. These people give LIKE to his posts.

Just before the National People's Congress Standing Committee issued the Interpretation of Basic Law Article 104, Alfred Chow posted: "After the Interpretation, the people of the Hong Kong Nation have only the path of revolution left ... The generational revolution will take the path of an armed revolution."

After Leung Chung-hang and Yau Wai-ching got disqualified, Chow wrote on his personal Facebook: "Let us turn the Paradise that used to belong to us into scorched earth." "The people of Hong Kong have not opened their eyes intelligently. We have given up all hope for this place. We have given up all hope for these people. So let us burn everything down to the ground."

A friend Wing Tang wrote: "Scorched earth means the separation of powers should be completely destroyed. No foreign capital will invest in Hong Kong. Governance will be in trouble." Another friend KL Tam wrote: "Let Hong Kong return to being a small fishing village, as opposed to an international financial center. Stocks and housing prices will tumble ..." Another friend On Kangus wrote: "I genuinely think that the only way to obtain the bargaining chips is to go scorched earth, destroy everybody and everything such that even the Hong Kong pigs will riot! We can even all join the Hong Kong Police or become government public service workers. Let's make it big!"

Afterwards, Alfred Chow established the so-called Hong Kong Scorched Earth Power Facebook. He used the descriptor "Religious organization." He said that the organization wants to enter politics with the platform: "One Country One System for Hong Kong! Only poisoned vegetables and meats of China are allowed to enter! Cantonese will be banned by law! Restore the monarchy system! Eliminate independence of the judiciary! Enact laws to restrict freedoms of speech and thought!"

Alfred Chow also spread hatred with venom: "Cheena dogs are animals that are even baser than pigs!" "All Hongkongers are dogs!" "If the Republic of China successfully takes Beijing and massacre everyone, I will consider becoming a citizen of the Republic of China." Commentator Chan Shui-wing agreed: "The people of the People's Republic of Cheena are vile animals. They are a base race. Leung Chung-hang was merely telling the truth."

So who needs Apple Daily when you have the Hong Kong Scorched Earth Power?

JR Ewing (Dallas), a covetous, egocentric, manipulative and amoral man with psychopathic tendencies.

(SCMP) Activist to continue with judicial review over Palace Museum plan in Hong Kong despite consultation vow. January 5, 2017.

A postgraduate law student who filed a judicial review application on Thursday afternoon over the governments decision to build a local version of Beijings Palace Museum in the West Kowloon Cultural District said he would proceed with the case despite the administrations latest decision to seek public views on the plan.

JR Group co-convenor Cary Lo Chun-yu said he still found the governments decision to build a 10,000 sq m venue for relics from the Beijing museum to be questionable, even though the authority had promised a consultation on the design and exhibition and educational programmes.

In a claim filed with the High Court, the University of Hong Kong student questioned the administrations failure to hold a public tender before hiring Rocco Yim Sen-kee to be the lead architect. It was in breach of the general procedures for implementing government projects, he claimed, adding that the irregularity could have led to suspicion of cronyism.

Lo asked the court to order that the authority hold a formal public consultation on the entire project in accordance with the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority Ordinance.

The activist earlier said the JR Group had obtained signatures from 3,560 individuals and 14 civic bodies, including some localist groups, in support of their petition against the project. He denied the JR Group formed by a number of students and other individuals was linked to any political groups in the city. We hope to safeguard procedural justice in Hong Kong, Lo told the media outside the court. Neither the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority nor Chief Secretary Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor had addressed their concerns, he said.

In reply to a Post inquiry, the authority said it had taken note of the possible lawsuit.

(SCMP) Courts must crack down on abuse of judicial reviews. By Alex Lo. January 10, 2017.

More than a year after retired Court of Final Appeal judge Henry Litton warned against the widespread abuse of judicial reviews for political purposes, the trend has continued unabated.

Until recently, it was the political weapon of choice for many pan-democratic and anti-government groups. Now, some pro-Beijing activists have followed suit. There have been at least three applications for judicial reviews since October on the subject of localist lawmakers who failed to take their oaths of office properly. This was despite legal cases already launched at the time by the government against those legislators.

Now, the latest is an application by Cary Lo Chun-yu, a law student, seeking a judicial review of the governments planned Hong Kong Palace Museum at the arts hub in West Kowloon. He claims there should have been a public consultation and a tendering process for the projects chief architect. This is despite the fact that a public consultation has now been launched.

Which serves the public interest more Los judicial review or a museum to showcase the nations treasure at no significant cost to the public? After all, the Jockey Club has agreed to foot the HK$3.5 billion bill. Lo says he has no political ties. But he is part of the new activist JR group, which aims to provide free service, information and advice for people to launch judicial reviews.

Litton has warned that the abuse of judicial reviews has not only brought harm to the entire community and undermined the rule of law, it has also been facilitated by the courts because of the ease with which a case is accepted. But even the retired judge could not have foreseen we would have a group that actually runs on launching judicial reviews as a political platform.

Internet comments:

- The best part of the Cary Lo Chun-yu story is not reported in English. Here it is:

(Apple Daily) January 6, 2017.

The appelant Cary Lo Chun-yu is the convener for the JR Group. He is studying for a masters degree in the School of Law, Hong Kong University. His JR Group includes regular JR Review petitioner Kwok Cheuk-kin. Lo said that he is filing a petition in order to defend rule of law in Hong Kong. At one point, he choked with sobs and said: "We do not have any political motives. We only want to get some public justice back for Hong Kong."

Why would Cary Lo 'choke with sobs' (哽咽)'? Clearly he recognized that a lot of Hongkongers like the idea of a Hong Kong Palace Museum, and they will get very upset at him if his Judicial Review stops the project. While everybody else wants to seal this great deal as quickly as possible, Cary Lo is the bookkeeper who wants all the procedures followed to the letter at the risk of losing the deal altogether.

- (Metro Daily) Cary Lo was accompanied to court by the King of Judicial Reviews Kwok Cheuk-kin. Lo said that he did not want society to be ripped apart on account of the judicial review. However, he emphasized that he had no choice. He apologized to the public even as he 'choked with sobs.'

- (Apple Daily) January 6, 2017. Cary Lo said that according to Section 19 of the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority Authority Ordinance, the authorities must consult the public in matters concerning the development or operations of arts and cultural facilities. Lo said that the government has conducted zero consultation on the Hong Kong Palace Museum. Furthermore, Rocco Yim was appointed the designer without bidding. Therefore, he suspects cronyism.

- How do you read the relevant law? Here it is in full:

West Kowloon Cultural District Authority Ordinance. Section 19 Public Consultation.

Without prejudice to section 21(3)(a), the Authority shall, in relation to matters concerning the development or operation of arts and cultural facilities, related facilities, ancillary facilities and any other matters as the Authority considers fit, consult the public at such time and in such manner as it considers appropriate.

Cary Lo's interpretation is this:

Without prejudice to section 21(3)(a), the Authority shall, in relation to matters concerning the development or operation of arts and cultural facilities, related facilities, ancillary facilities and any other matters as the Authority considers fit, consult the public at such time and in such manner as it considers appropriate.

That's very convenient for him, isn't it? Is the court going to accept this interpretation? One can only hope not.

- Tai Kung Pao exposed the King of Judicial Reviews Kwok Cheuk-kin as ineligible for legal aid because his wife is a wealthy landlord (see Judicial Review As Political Tool (2015/12/3)). If Kwok applies again for legal aid while claiming that he is indigent, he is defrauding the government. And he won't put up his own money. So the King is dead, long live the King. And now we have Cary Lo to assume the throne as our King to destroy Hong Kong's economy as well as rip our social fabric into shreds. The show must go on.

- (SCMP) Hong Kongs Palace Museum: why we shouldnt look a gift horse in the mouth. By Michael Chugani. January 10, 2017.

Lets imagine a situation. Suppose the Queen consented to the Crown Jewels being displayed at a purpose-built site at the West Kowloon Cultural District. Imagine former British governor Chris Patten quietly negotiated the loan as a goodwill gesture to the city Britain once ruled.

Or lets imagine Chief Secretary Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor won French approval for the Louvres famous items, including the Mona Lisa, to be showcased here. Would there be a furious backlash that the public was not consulted?

I think most of us know the answer to that question. Deep down, we also know the outcry over a Hong Kong version of the Palace Museum at the WKCD is fuelled not by the government bypassing a public consultation, but that it is being gifted by Beijing.

What other society would fume over a new museum that displays priceless relics at no cost whatsoever to the public? But we are a society at war with itself, trapped in a quest for an identity that departs from reality. We are unable to fully come to terms with being a part of China 20 years after it became a fact.

Contempt for our communist rulers runs so deep in some of us that we even resist their gift of Chinese artefacts that predate communism by centuries. I cant help thinking that if Patten instead of Lam had arranged the museum, there may not even have been a backlash.

Lam is mocked as Beijings new lapdog by the opposition which needs an enemy to remain relevant after she hinted she may run for chief executive now that Leung Chun-ying intends to step down. But if Lam had arranged a display of the Crown Jewels instead of relics from China, the outcry over a skipped consultation would most likely be muted, if it even materialised.

When I heard about the museum, my immediate reaction was things were finally moving at the WKCD after years of delays. We dont need to consult the public on everything, only things that most affect them. Consultations get us stuck, as evidenced by the Central Market revitalisation. Our officials are paid to make decisions.

I thought Hongkongers would welcome the museum plan. But no. This is what we have become, a society so addicted to political confrontation that we even pick a fight with the bearer of a gift.

- (SCMP) Shutting out the best and brightest from public service. By Alex Lo. January 12, 2017.

Something is seriously wrong when we start attacking our best and brightest.

When you are a leading authority in science, medicine or architecture, its inevitable that the government or other public bodies will ask for your help from time to time. Yet by such associations, some of our most talented citizens who often take up jobs out of a sense of civic duty have become collateral damage. They risk becoming targets of criticism, libel, bullying and mockery by anti-government groups if they get involved in politically controversial issues.

Take Rocco Yim Sen-kee, one of the few home-grown architects with an international reputation, and certainly our most bankable. His designs on the mainland and across the city speak for themselves. But his being hand-picked to lead the design of the Hong Kong Palace Museum at the arts hub in West Kowloon without a public tender means he is now being dragged through the mud with accusations of cronyism.

Would you prefer a public tender that picks the one who offers the lowest bid price or someone with credible experience? Yim asked. My question exactly.

The real reason for the attacks is that the planned museum is a joint mainland-Hong Kong project spearheaded by Chief Secretary Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, who may well become the citys next leader. Thats why the knives are out. Still, you may think the museum projects bad public relations make everyone involved a fair game.

Okay, what about Professor Lo Chung-mau, a pioneer in liver transplants? He was hounded by trolls on the internet and students on campus in 2015 for allegedly faking his injuries when a University of Hong Kong council meeting was stormed by rowdy student activists. His HKU colleague, Professor Yuen Kwok-yung, the famous virologist, was smart enough to quit the council before radical students turned it into a war zone.

Earlier, those HKU Red Guards practically chased their previous vice chancellor Tsui Lap-chee a world-famous geneticist who discovered the cystic fibrosis gene from office for his alleged mishandling of heavy police security that surrounded a visit by then vice-premier Li Keqiang (李克強) to the Pok Fu Lam campus in 2011.

If this kind of political bullying continues, public sector service will be left only to the cynical, mediocre, sycophantic and talentless or else to shameless populists and rabble rousers who claim to speak for the people.

(HK01) January 8, 2017.

It has been widely reported within political circles that Hong Kong Macau Affairs Office director Wang Guangya came down to Shenzhen on Thursday to meet secretly with John Tsang in order to persuade him not to enter the Chief Executive election. John Tsang's campaign team has not denied this story. It turns about that this was the third attempt within a week or so. On the first occasion at the end of December, a close acquaintance of John Tsang served as the "special envoy" for the Central Government to dissuade him from entering the Chief Executive election. Instead, John Tsang should be serving the nation elsewhere, including become a vice-president of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and a senior position in the One Road One Belt department soon to be set up by China. However, John Tsang refused instantly.

Next, China Liaison Office director Zhang Xiaoming met with John Tsang to persuade him. Zhang was also unsuccessful. Finally, Wang Guangya came down to meet with John Tsang in Shenzhen. "This time, Wang was a lot firmer and made things very explicit. But John Tsang stood firm and refused to give up his election hopes.

According to an informed source, John Tsang wrote a letter to senior Central Government officials to ask for the "green light." In the letter, Tsang emphasized that he is not entering the Chief Executive race for personal gains or vanity, but for the sake of Hong Kong governance. He said that he cannot withdraw at this stage after preparing for everything already. He hopes that the Central Government can appreciate his intentions and give him support. According to information, the Central Government is still considering whether it is possible to dissuade Tsang at the last moment.

Internet comments:

- The Central Government doesn't want John Tsang to run in the Chief Executive election? Please refer to CAP 554 Elections (Corrupt and Illegal Conduct) Ordinance

Section: 7 Corrupt conduct to bribe candidates or prospective candidates

(1) A person engages in corrupt conduct at an election if the person corruptly-

(a) offers an advantage to another person as an inducement for the other person-

(i) to stand, or not to stand, as a candidate at the election; or
(ii) if the other person has been nominated as a candidate at the election, to withdraw the nomination; or
(iii) if the other person has been nominated as a candidate at the election, not to use the other person's best endeavours to promote the election of the other person; or

(b) offers an advantage to another person as a reward-

(i) for having stood, or not stood, as a candidate at the election; or
(ii) if the other person was nominated as a candidate at the election, for having withdrawn the nomination; or
(iii) if the other person was or has been nominated as a candidate at the election, for not having used the other person's best endeavours to promote the election of the other person; or

(c) offers an advantage to another person as an inducement for the other person to get, or try to get, a third person-

(i) to stand, or not to stand, as a candidate at the election; or
(ii) if the third person has been nominated as a candidate at the election, to withdraw the nomination; or
(iii) if the third person has been nominated as a candidate at the election, not to use the third person's best endeavours to promote the election of the third person; or

(d) offers an advantage to another person as a reward for having got, or having tried to get, a third person-

(i) to stand, or not to stand, as a candidate at the election; or
(ii) if the third person was nominated as a candidate at the election, to withdraw the nomination; or
(iii) if the third person was or has been nominated as a candidate at the election, not to use the third person's best endeavours to promote the election of the third person; or

(e) solicits or accepts an advantage as an inducement-

(i) to stand, or not to stand, as a candidate at the election; or
(ii) if the person has been nominated as a candidate at the election, to withdraw the nomination; or
(iii) if the person has been nominated as a candidate at the election, not to use the person's best endeavours to promote the election of the person; or

(f) solicits or accepts an advantage as a reward-

(i) for having stood, or not stood, as a candidate at the election; or
(ii) if the person was nominated as a candidate at the election, for having withdrawn the nomination; or
(iii) if the person was or has been nominated as a candidate at the election, for not having used the person's best endeavours to promote the election of the person; or

(g) solicits or accepts an advantage as an inducement to get, or try to get, another person-

(i) to stand, or not to stand, as a candidate at the election; or
(ii) if the other person has been nominated as a candidate at the election, to withdraw the nomination; or
(iii) if the other person has been nominated as a candidate at the election, not to use the other person's best endeavours to promote the election of the other person; or

(h) solicits or accepts an advantage as a reward for having got, or having tried to get, another person-

(i) to stand, or not to stand, as a candidate at the election; or
(ii) if the other person was nominated as a candidate at the election, to withdraw the nomination; or
(iii) if the other person was or has been nominated as a candidate at the election, not to use the other person's best endeavours to promote the election of the other person.

(2) For the purposes of this section-

(a) a person offers an advantage if the person confers, undertakes to confer or shows a willingness to confer, an advantage on another person; and
(b) a person solicits an advantage if the person asks for, or shows a willingness to receive, an advantage, either for the person's own benefit or for the benefit of another person; and
(c) a person accepts an advantage if the person receives or obtains an advantage, or agrees to receive or obtain an advantage, either for the person's own benefit or for the benefit of another person.

(3) For the purposes of this section, a person is taken to have offered an advantage even though the offer was made by another person, but only if the other person was acting with the person's authority. That authority may be conferred expressly or by implication.

Someone should rush out immediately to file a police report against Wang Guangya, Zhang Xiaoming, the unnamed "special envoy" friend of John Tsang, etc.

- (Wen Wei Po) January 9, 2017. In the Bauhinia magazine interview, Wang Guangya listed four basic criteria for the HKSAR chief executive: The chief executive, he said, should love China, love Hong Kong, someone who Beijing can trust, who is capable of governing and who is supported by the Hong Kong people, in that order.

It is no surprise that Wang Guangya should meet with potential candidates to assess them on the basis of these four criteria. He has already met with retired judge Woo Kwok-hing who declined to divulge the details of their meeting.

- When Wang Guangya met with John Tsang, what happened is up to the two participants to reveal and confirm. It is not up to anonymous sources to say this or that. But if Apple Daily reporters without Home Visit Cards can write detailed reports of who said what during Politburo meetings, everything is possible.

- (Bastille Post) An expert points out that the AIIB offer to John Tsang is full of holes. Whoever made this up was not familiar with Chinese and international organizational systems. The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank is an international organization like the Asian Development Bank. China may be the country which initially proposed the formation of the organization, but it does not have the right to nominate all the members of the senior management. Instead, these job appointments are allocated according to the amounts of subscription of individual countries.

In terms of voting power (based upon the amount of subscription) of member nations, China has 28.7% of the votes which makes it the largest bloc. Next come India at 8.3%, Russia at 6.5%, Germany at 4.6%, Australia at 3.8%, South Korea at 3.9%, Indonesia at 3.5%, France at 3.5%, United Kingdom at 3.2%, Italy at 2.8%, Turkey at 2.8%, Saudi Arabia at 2.7%, etc. The United States, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong are not members of the AIIB.

The AIIB president is Jin Liqun, former vice-minister of the Chinese Ministry of Finance. He had previously served China at the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank. Because China is the largest shareholder, they should be allowed to name a Chinese citizen with the appropriate credentials as the AIIB president.

The five AIIB vice presidents are:

Danny Alexander (United Kingdom): vice president and corporate secretary

Thierry de Lonquemar (France): vice president and chief financial officer

DJ Pandian (India): vice president and chief investment officer

Joachim von Amsberg (Germany): vice president - policy and strategy

Luky Eok Wuryanto (Indonesia): vice president and chief administration officer

The allocation is based upon the amounts of subscription, geographical balance, etc. How in the world is China going to create a new vice president position to give to a Chinese citizen from non-member Hong Kong for reasons of Chinese domestic politics!? There is no surer way of destroying mutual trust within the AIIB!

- And in what way is John Tsang qualified to become an AIIB vice-president like these others? The other vice-presidents are either experts in national infrastructure investment (in India, Indonesia and the United Kingdom) or worked in leadership roles at the World Bank or Asian Development Bank. John Tsang is several grades lower than them in terms of experience and stature.

- If John Tsang shows up to work as AIIB vice-president, he should not expect special treatment because he is the boss's nephew. He will be ostracized because everybody knows that he is unqualified.

- In the relative scheme of things, Hong Kong is just Hong Kong, but the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank is about China showing how it works with the rest of the world in a leadership role. China can afford to let Hong Kong fall into chaos, but it cannot allow the AIIB to fail.

- Let see how many cars will be involved in this chain collision. It begins with Wan Chin:

Two breaking news item today. The first is that Beijing is not allowing John Tsang to resign, but they promised to swap an Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank vice-presidency for not running for Chief Executive. John Tsang rejected the deal. It seems that this agent for the United States-United Kingdom intends to fight it out with the agent for the Chinese Communists.

- Because the HK01 report says that the John Tsang campaign team has not denied this report and they have not responded to inquires from HK01, it is most likely that this rumor was created and spread by John Tsang's campaign team. If it were not true, they should have issued an immediate denial. Instead, by letting everybody else accepting this to be true, they are sullying the names of the Central Government, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, Wang Guangya, Zhang Xiaoming, etc. They will also convince the Central Government that John Tsang cannot be trusted with the best interests of China and Hong Kong in mind.

(Oriental Daily) January 7, 2017.

Every parent or elder care about their children. If they scold you, it is only because they care about you. Recently a video appeared on the Internet. A boy was told by an elder to stop playing with his mobile phone. He immediately started kicking a female elder, using even the sidekick. The woman just tried to block and evade, while trying to explain and implore the boy to stop the attack. It is tough being a parent nowadays, and you wonder if the boy will ever learn.

Video: https://www.facebook.com/100010611151221/videos/369054073458295/

In the video, the boy is probably of junior high school age. He started by screaming "You are complaining about me!" and then used his right food to kick the a middle-aged woman. An older woman tried to separate them. But the boy turned around and used his left book to kick the middle-aged woman. The kicked woman said: "Nobody is scolding you. Just telling you not to play with your mobile phone." But the boy did not stop his attack. He kicked three more times. Every kick made full contact. The woman looked hapless.

It was said that the incident took place somewhere in Macau.

Internet comments:

- When the authorities (namely, the adult woman) tried to ban the boy from exercising his freedom, he valiantly resisted to defend his rights. In so doing, he has also attained immortal Internet fame.

- Now that he is famous, it is time to start a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for ... what? ... vindication of June 4th; Judicial Review to stop the Judicial Review on DQ4; ICAC investigation of Macau casino licensing procedures; ...

- And if he is identified by Internet users and persecuted as a result, he get join Amos Yee in America for political asylum.

- There is a Chinese saying: 養兒不教父之過 (when the father gave birth to a son but refuses to teach him anything, then it is the father's fault).

- Along comes pro-democracy writer Ko Wai-yin: "I have to give praise to this Kung Fu Kid. Some people deserve to die!"

- Learning by example on television:

Hong Kong valiant warrior showing the right kicking technique

- Hong Kong kids love peace, espouse freedom, want democracy, defend rule of law, respect human rights and oppose violence. Therefore they are incapable of kicking other persons. This particular kid must be a mainland Cantonese-speaking locust.

- Where did this take place? Behind the woman is a hydrant with the words 消防栓 (fire department hydrant). That term is used in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. In mainland China, the term is 防火栓 (fire-prevention hydrant). The people in the video speak Cantonese, so this should rule out Taiwan. So the incident took place in Hong Kong or Macau.

- When the Kung Fu Kid grows up, he will likely become like this young commentator at the RTHK City Forum. The subject is the Hong Kong Palace Museum. (YouTube) The content isn't the issue; the style is.

Transcript: "On the issue of the value of the cultural artefacts ... actually, the cultural artefacts in Taiwan ... such as the jade white cabbage ... they have all high values ... by contrast, looking at your Palace Museum in mainland China ... they are basically all trash! If you want to have some exhibits in Hong Kong, then they are just the garbage among the garbage! I am not targeting you! It's all garbage!"

- The value of a cultural artefact may be largely subjective in nature. You may like the jade white cabbage but someone else doesn't.  Chacun  son got. Objectively speaking, it is a fact that this young punk cannot afford to buy any cultural artefact coming from the Forbidden Palace Museum on the open auction market. You can call something garbage and that is your right. But the rest of the world is putting a high value on it, far more than you can ever afford.

- 40,000 visit the Beijing Forbidden Palace Museum each day. These flies came from all over the world to enjoy the 'garbage', right?

- Is this going to help or hurt Taiwan? The National Palace Museum (Taipei) has 22% of the Forbidden City collection, although some of the pieces represent the very best. If the Taiwan race is completely different from the Chinese race, then why is the Republic of Taiwan clinging onto looted Chinese treasures? Hand them back to their rightful owners already!

(Apple Daily Hong Kong with video) January 7, 2017.

Photo uploaded by Joshua Wong

Photo uploaded by Nathan Law

Happy days are here!

The Taiwan political party New Power Party invited Hong Kong legislative councilors Chu Hoi Dick, Yiu Chung-yim and Nathan Law and Demosisto secretary-general Joshua Wong to attend a forum in Taipei. When Law and Wong got to the airport on Friday night, they were met with a large number of pro-establishment demonstrators who called them "Chinese traitors/running dogs!" The two gave a live broadcast on Facebook. In the video, it can be seen that the aunties among the demonstrators were using obscene curses, that many of them used placards to conceal their faces and that the airport was very noisy and chaotic as a result.

Joshua Wong said that he was surprised that there were more than 50 "patriotic" demonstrators out there. He did not know how these people knew their departure time. "When Martin Lee and Anson Chan came back after meeting with the American vice-president in 2014, there weren't as many people as now." The demonstrators went on for more than one hour. Wong said that the demonstrators had nothing of substance to say apart from chanting insults. "This shows that they have poor quality. Basically they were getting paid to do." "These hired actors didn't say anything beyond 'Chinese traitors', 'running dogs' and 'nation betrayors.' I feel sad for them." Wong also learned that the Taiwan version of the Love Hong Kong group -- "I Love Republic of China" aka Chinese Patriotic Association -- will be waiting for them upon arrival.

Nathan Law said that the patriotic organizations ran a Cultural Revolution-like campaign against them inside the airport. As soon as they arrived for the boarding process, they were surrounded by several aunties who said: "It's them. It's them." They were followed by a large number of 'patriots'. So Law and Wong asked the airline workers to call the police. "You can see what happened next." He said,, "I believe that if I were on the streets and not at the airport, it may not be so easy. They can rush me anytime, either cursing me, punching me or kicking me." He believed that these people are "Nazi-like crazy patriots" "who absolutely will punch and kick people, endangering their personal safety."

Nathan Law said that his own political concepts and beliefs are completely not supported by patriotism/nationalism. "Therefore calling me a traitor won't bother me at all." He asked: "Why doesn't society ignore this kind of fervor? Why do they allow this kind of mass campaign to heap insults and abuse at people? We want to send the message to the next generation that we are pursuing fairness, openness, diversity and civic quality." He said that he has learned that he will be facing attacks by the I Love Republic of China group when he arrives in Taipei.

(Apple Daily Taiwan with video) January 7, 2017.

Almost 200 members of the I Love Republic of China group greeted Nathan Law and Joshua Wong when they arrived. They chanted "Hong Kong Independence elements go home!" More than 100 police officers were at the scene. When Law and Wong stepped into the arrival hall, several unidentified men broke through the police line and wanted to attack the two. Law and Wong started running away. Fortunately the police stopped those men, and the entourage was able to leave by car.

According to a member of I Love Republic of China, they learned that Law and Wong were coming to Taipei to attend a forum organized by the New Power Party for the purpose of unifying the Hong Kong and Taiwan independence forces. Therefore they called their members out to demonstrate at the airport. He said that the people of Taiwan should decide whether Taiwan becomes independent or not. At this time, Taiwan needs to revive its economy and they do not want Hong Kong independence activists such as Joshua Wong to come to Taiwan to cause trouble.

(Oriental Daily with video) January 7, 2017.

About 200 demonstrators holding placards that said "Hong Kong independence go home!" "Taiwan independence is a dead end!" "Hong Kong independence is infeasible" gathered outside the Tao Yuan Airport arrival hall. The authorities arranged for more than 100 police officers to be present plus plainclothes police officers to protect the persons of Joshua Wong and others. When the demonstrators saw Wong and company, they rushed up to protest. Some of these excited demonstrators tried to get close to Wong and company, but the police stopped them. Wong and company were scared into running away.

(SCMP) January 7, 2017.

Lawmakers from Hong Kong and Taiwan said their common ground was a desire for democracy and social justice, not collusion for political independence as Beijing had suggested.

Hong Kong lawmakers Nathan Law Kwun-chung, Edward Yiu Chung-yim, Eddie Chu Hoi-dick and three legislators from Taiwans New Power Party made the appeal at a conference in Taipei on Sunday.

It came after a spokesman from Chinas Taiwan Affairs Office on December 28 described the two-day event as an attempt made by Taiwans independence forces to collude with Hong Kongs independence advocates, and that such actions were destined to fail and those involved would get their heads broken and covered with blood.

The conference was besieged by pro-China protesters who at times turned violent. And upon arriving in Taiwan on Saturday, student activist leader Joshua Wong Chi-fung was almost assaulted at the airport. He was hurried to a waiting vehicle by police officers.

Wong described it as very strange that their detractors knew the flight they were on and the hotel they were staying in.

But that will not stop our exchanges with Taiwan since we both face the same China factor, and we hope [China] would understand that exchange of ideas between democratically elected lawmakers is perfectly normal, Wong said.

Law said since the attack, Taiwanese police had beefed up protection for the lawmakers while in public places and in transit.

Huang Kuo-chang, a member of Taiwans legislature and chairman of the NPP, which organised the event, urged the national security department to investigate the organising forces behind the protests against Hong Kong independence on the island.

It is unfortunate that the man in black [man filmed trying to assault Wong at the airport] has come to symbolise the image of China internationally, NPP lawmaker Hsu Yung-ming said, adding that such publicity would only harm cross-strait relations.

At the conference, the lawmakers discussed the challenges they faced during their transformation from social activists to legislators, and in trying to effect change within the establishment.

While both the Taiwan and Hong Kong lawmakers vowed to form closer bonds, Law said there were no concrete plans for future exchanges between the groups.

We are still not sure about the outcome of a judicial review now, so it is premature to say how any further cooperation will take shape before that, he said.

Law said none of the visiting lawmakers had been contacted or approached by the Taiwanese government or the ruling Democratic Progress Party during their trip.

(Oriental Daily with video) January 8, 2017.

Nathan Law arrived at around 10 pm at the Hong Kong International Airport arrival hall tonight. More than a dozen demonstrators rushed up to surround him, yelling "Traitor" and other slogans. It was chaos. Nathan Law did not fight back. The demonstrators pulled off his shirt. His glasses flew away. People were punching and kicking. The police and security guards interceded in vain. An excited demonstrator tossed what appeared to be a cup of milk tea at Nathan Law. Beside Nathan Law, reporters and security guards were also splashed. The clash went on for almost half an hour. The security guards eventually escorted Nathan Law onto a taxi to take him down to the police station to lodge a complaint and get a medical examination.

(FTV video) Reception at Tao Yuan Airport.

(TVB) Dual coverage in Hong Kong/Taipei

(Cable TV) Nathan Law returns to Hong Kong
(Facebook) Nathan Law returns to Hong Kong
(9UP News) Nathan Law returns to Hong Kong
(TVB) Dual coverage in Hong Kong/Taipei
(Facebook) Nathan Law sliding down the stairs
(NOW TV) Nathan Law returns to Hong Kong

Internet comments:

- In the Apple Daily Hong Kong report, they cited CAP 483A Airport Authority Bylaw Article 17 Nuisance and Annoyance:

(1) No person shall conduct himself in any part of the Bylaw Area so as to cause a nuisance or annoyance to other persons.

(2) Except with the permission of the Authority, no person shall-

(a) undertake any musical, theatrical or other performance in whatever form or manner; or
(b) hold any meeting or assembly which causes any obstruction to the proper use or operation of the Airport.

They could have added Article 19  Restriction On Use Of Language And Behavior as well:

No person shall at any time while in the Bylaw Area use any threatening, abusive, obscene or offensive language, or behave in a riotous, disorderly, indecent or offensive manner.

Muahahahah!!! Now where was Apple Daily when we needed them to cite the Airport Authority Bylaw for the demonstration against CY Leung's daughter's luggage? Did these people cause obstruction to the proper use or operation of the Airport too?

- The whole episode is full of ironies if you contrast what happened today with previous incidents. Nathan Law said that he only felt sorry for the demonstrators who were paid for the job and were not even given meaningful slogans to chant. He completely forgets what he himself did many times before (see, for example, Down With Zhang Dejiang!), namely, taking useless, meaningless actions.

Nathan Law valiant resisting the Hong Kong Police as he told Zhang Dejiang "I don't want One Road One Belt!"

- Here is an Internet forgery of a Nathan Law statement:

Encountered protests at the Hong Kong and Taiwan airports.
It was much more troublesome in Taiwan.
The people of Taiwan are uncouth and uncultured, without even the minimal manners to greet guests.
I will never step on this barbarian forsaken land hereafter.

- Why are so many Facebook users sharing and liking this fake statement? Because they think that this is exactly the sort of ill-considered thing Nathan Law would say, giving his past history.

- This tale of two cities showed the difference in cultures. In Hong Kong, Law and Wong said that the demonstrators were pathetic paid workers. In Taiwan, the very pathetic Law and Wong fled for their lives when the men in black rushed up.

- The running dogs ran away like dogs!

- What pearls of wisdom does our Global Thinker have to offer us today?

- Nathan Law reflected that Hong Kong has degenerated into the chaos of the Cultural Revolution with those fifty aunties demonstrating at the Hong Kong International Airport. Can we get a quotation from him about the status of the situation in Taiwan? Is there a grade lower than the Cultural Revolution? Rwanda? The Holocaust? The Armenian Genocide?

- When will the patriotic organizations in Hong Kong upgrade themselves to match their Taiwan counterparts?

- Oriental Daily's story carried this photo

Did you notice that there is a rectangular grey area in the white banner?
The banner reads:
XXXXXXXXXXX Hong Kong independence
Joshua Wong, Nathan Law, Yiu Chung-yim, Chu Hoi Dick, scram back to Hong Kong
Wouldn't you like to know what XXXXXXXXXXX is?

Here it is:

XXXXXXXXXXX is "Fuck your mother's cunt!"

- (Wen Wei Po) January 9, 2017.

Pro-green Taipei mayor Ko Wen-je ordrered the police to "defend our guests from Hong Kong well." So more than one hundred police officers were deployed around the conference site. They drove the demonstrators to the other side of street. At around 11am, the demonstrators moved to protest outside the entrance. Instead of being merely defensive, the police charged the demonstrators to force them to leave. An old man was pushed to the ground, hitting the back of his head on the ground first. The old man fell unconscious as his face turned paled. A demonstrators administered emergency aid. The demonstrators decried the police, who charged into the crowd and pulled away a number of old persons.

A couple of minutes later, the old man came to. He was unable to get up on his own. An ambulance took him to the hospital. According to information, the old man is 85-year-old Chiu Hsia-hsin, who is a member of I Love Republic of China.

At around noon, the conference was over and only a dozen or so demonstrators. But the Hong Kong self-determination delegation waited for the organizers to arrange for several cars to pick them up at the back entrance.

- Joshua Wong said that he was surprised by 200 people chanting "Down with Chinese traitor!" at the Taiwan airport. He said that to say that he advocates Hong Kong independence is a smear job. That's correct. Wong has always said that:

(Local Press) Joshua Wong article in TIME magazine: The people of Hong Kong want to have the right for self-determination.

Yes, he wants self-determination. He does not want independence (獨立). That's wishful thinking on this side. Maybe he wants to split hairs, but other people see self-determination (自決) = independence.

- Still other people see self-determination (自決) = suicide (自絕).

- By self-determination, Joshua Wong thinks that there should be a referendum by the people of Hong Kong to determine their future. What are the options on that referendum? Hong Kong independence is one of the choices.

So this is like someone explaining that he is not advocating the legalization of crack cocaine. Rather he wants the people to hold a referendum, and one of the choices is "Legalization is crack cocaine."

- Here is Joshua Wong and friends standing at attention to the Chinese national anthem. Can you understand why people don't believe that he is not working towards Hong Kong independence?

- (SCMP) January 7, 2017.

Hong Kong student activist Joshua Wong Chi-fung was under Taiwan police protection on Saturday afternoon, after a failed attempt by a pro-China protester to assault him as he arrived in the island state in the early hours.

Taipei mayor Ko Wen-je pledged that police would protect all guests, adding that violence had no place in a civilised society like Taiwans.

Wong had been set to attend a seminar organised by a local political party over the weekend.

About 200 protesters from a pro-China group in Taiwan gathered at the arrival hall of Taipeis Taoyuan International Airport at midnight. They chanted slogans deriding Wong, and Hong Kong legislators Nathan Law Kwun-chung and Edward Yiu Chung-yim who arrived on the same flight at 12.30am as independence scum, saying they were not welcome in Taiwan.

There were about 100 police officers, but a man broke through their lines and almost punched Wong, who was hurried into a vehicle in time.

I wasnt expecting [pro-China protesters to show up] be it in Hong Kong or Taiwan, Wong said on Saturday afternoon at the panel discussion, organised by Taiwans New Power Party, a rising political force born of the student-led Sunflower Movement in 2014, that put a brake on a trade pact with China.

Wong said it was the first time he had encountered such protests in Taiwan, having visited the self-governing island for exchanges with local political parties last year.

He and the lawmakers were under close police protection after the attack, and would be throughout their stay, a police inspector said.

Before their departure for Taipei, Wong and Law encountered about 50 pro-China protesters as they checked in at Hong Kong International Airport.

Armed with banners that read Chinese traitors, running dogs, human scum, the crowd shouted obscenities at the pair in the departure hall, without any apparent interference.

Outside the seminar venue in Taipei, scores of protesters many of whom wore masks and sunglasses voiced their opposition to what they called the collusion of independence scum from Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Dozens of police officers guarded the venue, and set up roadblocks nearby.

The use of violence by pro-China groups in Taiwan some known to be affiliated with local triads on their political enemies was unheard of even during the Sunflower Movement, said Lin Fei-fan, one of that movements leaders.

But this time they tried to openly assault these lawmakers from Hong Kong who travelled all the way here, he said.

New Power Party chairman Huang Kuo-chang said the seminar could not have happened in Hong Kong, as he and a few fellow party members had been denied Hong Kong visas in the past.

Wong, Law and Yiu will be joined on Sunday by lawmaker Eddie Chu Hoi-dick, Huang and Lin, as well as members of the countrys legislature for a panel discussion on how pro-democracy parties in Hong Kong and Taiwan can learn from each other.

Yiu and Chu said they had no plan to meet any other political parties during their stay, and that they had not had any contact with the Taiwanese government.

- (Wen Wei Po) January 9, 2017. Conference quotations.

Joshua Wong: Hong Kong and Taiwan both face the China factor and the interference of the Beijing government. A solution can be found by more democratic exchange.

Nathan Law: I am open-minded about Hong Kong independence and Taiwan independence.

Chu Hoi Dick: Discussing democratic self-determination has broader and deeper concerns than discussing Hong Kong independence and Taiwan independence. It is the pursuit of basic human rights and values.

Chu Hoi Dick: The Hong Kong Basic Law limits the future choices of Hong Kong. The road of democracy appears to be blocked ... it should be re-examined. The articles that give too much power to Beijing should be amended.

Freddy Lim: If a small group of people in Zhongnanhai think that they can decide the fates of 1.3 billion Chinese people plus Taiwan and Hong Kong, then they are like flies hitting the wall. They will end up bleeding in their heads.

Huang Kuo-chang: Faced with the oppression and armed threats of Beijing, both Hong Kong and Taiwan need to pursue "independence."

Hsu Yung-ming: I was ecstatic when I heard that the Taiwan Affairs Office spokesperson criticized this event as the linking up of Taiwan independence and Hong Kong independence.

- Joshua Wong's Facebook

After doing media interviews in the morning, I took the flight back to Hong Kong. As a university student, I need to go back this afternoon to take an exam.
I just learned that Nathan Law and three companions had rocks thrown at them when they left the office of Freddy Lim. Fortunately they were not hit. This is incredible.
Why do 'compatriots' who love the Nation and the Party have to stoop so low as throw rocks at political dissidents?

- Yes, indeed. Who do pro-independence activists who love Hong Kong and Democracy have to stoop so low as throw bricks at political dissidents?

- What university gives exams on Sundays?

- When the rocks hit the wall, they broke into egg white, egg yolk and egg shells. What kind of rock was it?

Photo: New Power Party's Hsu Yung-ming Facebook

- (HKG Pao) A large number of Hong Kong citizens responded to a call to hold a reception for Nathan Law tonight. At around 10pm, Nathan Law came out by himself. About 30 to 40 citizens rushed up and cursed him out as "Chinese traitor" and "running dog". It was quite chaotic. Under the protection of the security guards and police officers, Nathan Law attempted to reach the taxi stand, which was a mere 30 meters away. They struggled for almost 15 minutes. During the process, Nathan Law did not say anything. He dashed down a narrow interior stairwell, but slipped and slid for a few steps. The citizens raced down an exterior stairwell to the taxi stand. Ultimately Nathan Law was able to leave. According to information, he went to the police station to file a report and get a medical examination.

- Whenever something like this occurs to a government official, the immediate reaction of the pan-democrats is: "The person should reflect on his own mistakes to see why he is being ambushed and attacked everywhere that he goes." Indeed.

- Summary report to the US Consulate General:

The democratically elected Legco representatives went to the airport to go to Taiwan. Citizens spontaneously organized themselves to give them a warm send-ff.
As soon as they arrived at the Taipei Airport, citizens there were already waiting to welcome these representatives of the people of Hong Kong.
The next day, they went to the conference venue and were greeted by even more citizens. Some of the citizens used megaphones to express their very strong feelings.
After the conference, the representatives of the people of Hong Kong went home.
When they arrived back in Hong Kong, they were given heroes' welcome. Their excited fans even ripped up their shirts, and poured expensive local drinks on them in accordance with local custom.
All in all, this project was worth the money to fund.

- (Apple Daily) January 8, 2017.

Nathan Law falling on his ass during The Great Escape

Photograph of the screen on the mobile phone of a female demonstrators. The screen shows the WeChat group "January 6 and January 8 ... airport demonstration group". The latest message says: "All co-workers should proceed to Exit A."

The NOW TV cameraman was injured on his finger.

- This video (Facebook) has been shared and viewed million of times by now. It is a short 19 seconds. The video began with the grand appearance of Nathan Law, using his right hand to brush his hair back so that the audience can get a clear view. Next, a security guard gave Nathan Law a shove in the back to cause him to slide down the stairs on his ass.

If this security guard was trying to help but unintentionally caused Nathan Law to lose balance, this is an Act of God.

If this security guard intentionally gave Nathan Law a big shove to send him flying down the stairs, he should receive the Hero of the People medal.

- For falling and sliding on his ass, Nathan Law received the coveted Golden Monster award from the users at the Golden Discussion Forum. The name of the award is a homonym of the phrase: "This time you are indeed Pok Gai!"

- In uploading the photo from the departure hall at the Hong Kong International Airport, he commented: "There is no need to be serious about these patriotic hooligans seeing us off. But if you think about it at the next deeper level, it is really very sad."

After sliding down the stairs, Nathan Law should be saying: "There is no need to be serious about these slippery steps. But if you think about it at the next deeper level, it is really very retarded."

- Karma: What goes around, comes around

- Normally the sign says something like "Caution: Slippery surface."

For Nathan Law, the sign is changed to "Caution, slip" to cue him to slip down the stairs for the television cameras.

- In the case of Edward Leung Tin-kei versus Ta Kung Pao, the Journalists Association said that citizens should not assault or prevent reporters from gathering news and that reporters should not assault or insult the news subjects. The NOW TV cameraman is showing everybody the cut on his finger.

Here is the video of what happened before as taken by another cameraman. The camera in his OLD NAVY American flag white t-shirt is screaming "What the fuck are you fucking about!? Fuck your mother!!!" Then the middle-aged man in green told him: "I saw you! I saw you say XXX someone's mother. I saw you. I saw you." At this point, our NOW TV cameraman turned around and showed off the cut on his finger to the other cameramen around him. They all decided to summon the police.

So far, the police said that they arrested two men. A 53-year-old man was unconditionally released later because the 'victim' refused to press charges. A 71-year-old man was still under detention.

- (9UP News) There was a clash between reporters and citizens. This video was taken by our reporter. We offered it to the citizen who was arrested for assault so that he may seek legal advice. The citizen said that we should publish the video. We respect his opinion.

In the video, the NOW TV cameraman in the OLD NAVY American flag white t-shirt used his left hand to brush aside the other reporter who wore glasses and a blue-white checkered short-sleeved shirt in order to film the demonstrators. The citizen rushed at this other reporter but accidentally touched the left hand of the NOW TV cameraman. When you have the video, you have the truth. The court can decide ...

- I wonder if NOW TV will be willing to air the video as taken by their fatso cameraman while he was screaming "Fuck your mother!"?

- Look at the videos taken by the others. The fatso NOW TV cameraman shut down his camera before he engaged in unprofessional conduct. Hong Kong reporters are not stupid!

- 25 pan-democratic Legislative Councilors have issued the strongest condemnation and expressed extreme anger at the thugs who assaulted the news reporters and interfered with freedom of press.

- But did they ever condemn the Mong Kok rioters?

- It was reported that the 53-year-old arrestee named Ko was released unconditionally because the "victim" refused to press charges. I place my bet on the "victim" being the fatso NOW TV cameraman. He has absolutely nothing to gain and everything to lose should there be a court trial and he is forced to produce his own video and testify on the witness stand. As it stands, this is bad enough because this video has been viewed millions of times already.

- At issue is whether the 71-year-old man named Tang will press counter-charges against the NOW TV cameraman and the Cable TV cameraman for assault by thrusting their cameras into his face while screaming obscenities at him.

- (The Stand News) Last night at 1030pm, a 71-year-old man named Lau reported to the police that an obese man 30 to 40 years old rammed a camera into his chest near the taxi stand at the Hong Kong International Airport. The attacker wore a blue/black-checkered shirt. Lau said that he felt uncomfortable in his chest and he sent to the Lantau Island Hospital for treatment. In the video, that alleged attacker would be the Cable TV cameraman.

- (Ta Kung Pao) January 9, 2017. According to a demonstrator, their anger exploded over three things. (1) When Nathan Law and Joshua Wong left Hong Kong, they posted photos of twenty or so patriotic demonstrators and made fun of them on Facebook as being paid professional demonstrators; (2) in Taiwan, pro-Taiwan independence activist Freddy Lim said that the Hong Kong demonstrators were kids compared to the 200 gangsters demonstrating in Taiwan; (3) a Yellow Ribbon news reporter flashed the middle finger at the demonstrators and used obscene curses to provoke them.

- (Oriental Daily) January 10, 2017. Nathan Law admitted that the police told him that he can use the VIP passageway to leave. But since Law had promised to give a press conference and he said that the police are obliged to protect citizens including legislators, he went to the arrival lobby. Law said that he was attacked in the security-intensive airport, so this shows that security is poor unless the police deliberately allowed the scene to take place.

Late last night, the police responded to Law's charges. Firstly, the airport is a private facility run by the Airport Authority, just like Hong Kong University campus or the Legislative Council. The police intervenes only at the request of the airport management or when public order/peace is being disturbed (but not before). The police acknowledged that Nathan Law told them that he would be meeting with the press in the arrival lobby. Their risk assessment is that this was a bad idea. However, Nathan Law did not listen to their advice. The police said that they were in contact with the airport authorities and the security company. As soon as the clash started, the police intervened immediately to separate the two sides and escort the relevant persons to depart.

- (EJ Insight) January 10, 2017. The organized protest against Law was led by the Association for the Workers of Hong Kong Travel Industry Ltd. chairman Ip Chi-wai, and backed by members from the travel industry and political organizations that support Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying, according to Apple Daily. Some protestors were heard yelling for Patriotism when attempting to assault Law. Ip, who is critical of Law, has however denied that the protesters were members of his organization.

- Well, why is this cause for concern? Let me rewrite the above paragraph for you:

The organized protest against Chief Executive CY Leung was led by the League of Social Democrats chairman Leung Kwok-hung, and backed by members from the pan-democratic political parties that oppose CY Leung, according to Apple Daily. Some protestors were heard yelling for Democracy when attempting to assault the Chief Executive. Leung Kwok-hung, who is critical of CY Leung, has however denied that those protesters were members of his organization.

This happens all the time, but nobody blinks. Why blink now?

- (Kinliu) In the Mong Kok riot, ruthless rioters threw bricks and assaulted the police. Even as society condemned the violence, the so-called democracy fighters jumped out to defend the rioters. They said that this was a case of the authorities forcing the people to resist. They said that if the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department inspectors did not evict unlicensed vendors on New Year's Day, there would not be an outbreak of popular anger. They demanded that the rioters not be called rioters. Instead, the authorities should reflect on why the citizens are upset at them and the police should reflect on the result of their unjustified use of force. Everything was the fault of the government, and the rioters who threw bricks are the justice warriors/heroes.

Flash forward to now at the airport. Three pro-self-determination legislators plus Joshua Wong traveled to Taiwan to attend the conference hosted by the New People Party. Many people believed that this was a link-up between the Hong Kong and Taiwan independence movements.

Based upon the nature of the incident, the attackers of Nathan Law are indeed violent thugs, and we should be deploring such violence. But the problem is that if this incident is put next to the Mong Kok riot, then it can be seen in a different light. This was a case of the pro-independence advocates forcing the people to resist. If the pro-independence advocates had not gone to Taiwan to link up with their counterparts there, there would not be an outbreak of popular anger. These thugs should not be called thugs. Instead, the three legislators and Joshua Wong should reflect on why the citizens are upset at them. Everything is their fault, and the thugs who attacked them are the justice warriors/heroes.

Of course, we should deplore all violence. But can we have a standard that is consistent with commonsense? We should not maintain double standards where everything I do is just and everything that you do is unjust.

- Just look at the nomenclature of what happened in Mong Kok. Some people called it a riot; others said disturbance; still others said incident. The funny thing is that if Mong Kok with the flying bricks, taxis on fire and 99 injured police officers was merely an 'incident', then what exactly is the event that took place at the Hong Kong International Airport? Well, in the relative scheme of thing, it does not even qualify as an 'incident'.

- (EJ Insight) January 10, 2017.

At a news conference Monday, Law showed reporters photos of the purported injuries suffered by him during the airport incident, which took place as he was returning to Hong Kong after a controversial trip to Taiwan. In the photos, injury marks could be seen in areas near his chest and arms as well as on thighs near the pelvic area, with obvious scratch marks and bruises. Expressing outrage, the young democracy activist called on the government and the police to act against political violence, the Hong Kong Economic Journal reports.

- The Hong Kong police have just announced that they have arrested a 68-year-old woman for the assault of Nathan Law. Bwahhhhhh! I can't wait for the trial of Grandma, when the 23-year-old valiant warrior Nathan Law of Hong Kong Independence will have to describe how he was taken apart by Grandma (see Zhang Ziyi in Couching Tiger, Hidden Dragon)!

(Hong Kong Free Press) January 6, 2017.

A prominent localist group said on Thursday that it would withdraw from all social movements in the short-term, due to the increased risks of participating in street protests.

Civic Passion leader Cheng Chung-tai told Stand News that the risks did not involve police brutality, but the existence of double-agents. He claimed that police are still making fresh arrests over the Mong Kok unrest last February possibly because, while being questioned by police, some people are naming other [participants]. He added that public opinion at present is not supportive enough of the resistance [street protesters].

Several Civic Passion members were arrested in the months following the Mong Kok clashes, which broke out over the governments attempt to clear street hawkers in the area. Group member Chan Pak-yeung was the first among all defendants to be convicted, sentenced to nine months imprisonment in October. 90 people have been arrested so far in relation to the incident.

As Civic Passions sole lawmaker, Cheng added on Thursday that the group will change its strategy to focus on community work. It will be restructured from a loose political organisation into a political party, introducing formal membership procedures. Civic Passion will also separate itself from the operations of affiliated media outlet Passion Times, run by the groups former leader Wong Yeung-tat.

In September, Civic Passion formed an alliance with then-lawmaker Raymond Wong Yuk-man and former Lingnan University professor Chin Wan for its Legislative Council election campaign, fielding a total of five candidates. However, Cheng was the only one elected following a string of disappointing results for the alliance.

While fellow localist lawmakers Yau Wai-ching and Sixtus Baggio Leung Chung-hang were disqualified following a government legal challenge against their oaths of office in October, Cheng took his oath without protest. He explained that modifying the oath would not be an effective means of resistance.

Internet comments:

- At this juncture in time, the most common description of the political spectrum in Hong Kong is:

Pro-establishment camp (including DAB (Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong), FTU (Federation of Trade Unions), NPP (New People's Party) and others)

Non-establishment camp
    - Traditional pan-democrats (including Democratic Party, Civic Party, Labour Party, ADPL)
    - Radical pan-democrats (including League of Social Democrats, People Power, etc)
    - Localists (including Hong Kong Indigenous, Civic Passion, etc).

The best show in town last year was the back-stabbing within the non-establishment camp. This is just the latest episode in the long-running hit job.

Here is an excerpt from this episode:

League of Social Democrats chairman Avery Ng Man-yuen:
Two months ago in the anti-Interpretation demonstration, I was manhandled by the the police. My hipbone and knee have hurt so much that I had to go for acupuncture today.
After visiting the doctor, I checked the news and read that Civic Passion's Legislator Cheng Chung-tai has followed up with his earlier "the permanent extension of the Basic Law is not defunct" with an announcement today on the complete withdrawal from social activism. He is now advocating the 4 NO's: "No valor, no force, no resistance, no struggle." His stance has changed very quickly, and he is much more mdoerate than the pan-democrats.
At this instant, I feel that the blood on my back is very hot.
#Civic Passion should apologize to Hong Kong Indigenous

Poki Chan:
I dare say that all those who really cast a vote for Civic Passion/Proletariat Political Institute/Hong Kong Resurgence will appreciate Cheng Chung-tai's decision. Fuck your mother! CP/PPI/HKR were attacked by fellow travelers during the election period and fought a tragic battle in order to deal with the 2047 end date. But the people of Hong Kong are dumb enough to choose to trust the loud-talking Youngspiration/Chan Chak-to instead. Do the people of Hong Kong deserve our help? When you see how fucking stupid the people of Hong Kong are, all smart people who don't want to become political hacks should directly withdraw from social activism to work for those fools. Mr. Avery Ng appears to be completely oblivious to what has happened in Hong Kong. There is nothing to debate here, inasmuch as humans don't have to debate with cockroaches.
Poki Chan:
Civic Passion should apologize to Hong Kong Indigenous? He must be fucking crazy! At this point, I don't even know if Hong Kong Indigenous still exists. So how the fuck can an apology be made? Has your League of Social Democrats apologized to Civic Passion and Raymond Wong yet? When the League of Social Democrats chairman is so fucking irrational to call himself the Great General, he should do home and sleep it off!

- The #Civic Passion Should Apologize to Hong Kong Indigenous tag refers to this piece of history:
Previously, Edward Leung (Hong Kong Indigenous) re-surfaced to say that he really didn't mean that he had no red line when it comes to resistance. He disclosed that his personal red line was that he does not want to end up in jail. However, he could not disclose that fact while others are throwing bricks at the police and getting arrested and charged. Civic Passion member Chan Pak-yeung was sentenced to nine months in jail for his participation in the Mong Kok riot started by Hong Kong Indigenous. Civic Passion criticized Edward Leung and Hong Kong Indigenous fiercely. With today's declaration of 4 NO's by Cheng Chung-tai (Civic Passion), Avery Ng said that Civic Passion is no different than Civic Passion and therefore should apologize!

- The Localists' rally cry is 「勇武抗爭」(Valiant Resistance). Given the latest developments, Hong Kong Indigenous and Civic Passion have declared that the new line is 「不勇不武不抗不爭」(No valor, no force, no resistance, no struggle).

- Famous sayings of Civic Passion chairman Cheng Chung-tai:

Before being elected in rebuttal to Wong Ho-ming (League of Social Democrats): I advocate violent resistance
After being elected: I will withdraw from social activism and actively help grandpas and grandmas to measure their blood pressures

(The Stand News) January 2, 2017.

Today, Ming Pao reported that the latest Immigration Department statistics show that there were 182 cases of declaration of change of nationality received. According to the Immigration Department website, there were 134 cases of declaration of change of nationality, of which 109 cases were applications for renunciation of Chinese nationality. In 2013, there were 137 cases of declaration of change of nationality, of which 112 were applications for renunciation of Chinese nationality.

After the British citizen Lee Bo was suspected of having been kidnapped in late 2015, the British Foreign Office Minister Richard Ottaway expressed his concern to Beijing. But Chinese Foreign Minister Wang  Yi responded that Lee Bo was a Chinese citizen under both the Hong Kong Basic Law and the Nationality Law of the People's Republic of China. This was clearly an attempt to stop the United Kingdom from engaging the case of Lee Bo.

According to the National Law of the People's Republic of China and the Interpretation by the National People's Congress Standing Committee, all those Hong Kong residents who were born in Hong Kong or mainland China are automatically Chinese nationals and therefore do not enjoy foreign consular services in China (including Hong Kong). Therefore all those Hongkongers who are foreign nationals must apply to renounce their Chinese nationality if they want foreign consular protection.

Internet comments:

- (Hong Kong Immigration Department) Declaration of Change of Nationality.

Under the Nationality Law of the People's Republic of China (CNL), Hong Kong residents who are of Chinese descent and born in Chinese territories (including Hong Kong) are regarded as Chinese citizens. They are not entitled to consular protection in the HKSAR and other parts of the People's Republic of China notwithstanding that they hold or have held British Dependent Territories Citizen passports, British National (Overseas) passport, or any other foreign passports.  If such Hong Kong residents holding foreign passports choose to be treated as foreign nationals in the HKSAR, they may make declarations of change of nationality to the HKSAR Immigration Department. Upon approval, they will no longer be regarded as Chinese citizens and can enjoy consular protection from the country of their declared nationality.

- (Hong Kong Immigration Department) Facts and Statistics on Chinese Nationality.

  2014 2015
Declaration of change of nationality cases received 137 134
Application for naturalisation as a Chinese national received 1,458 1,689
Application for renunciation of Chinese nationality received 112 109
Application of restoration of Chinese nationality received 3 5

- The heading on the Stand News report was: 【不做中國人?】港人申請國籍變更大增 去年首十個月高過前年全年三成 ("Don't want to be Chinese national?" The number of Hongkongers applying for change of nationality increased greatly; first ten months of last year was higher by 30% than the entire year before last)

Wow! From the title, you would expect big numbers -- like 100,000 renunciations as Chinese national in 2015 rising up by 30% to 130,000 in the first ten months of 2016. But no, the number was 134 in 2015 rising up by 30% to 182 in the first ten months of 2016.

The  figure of 182 refers to the declaration of change of nationality cases received. There are two sub-categories:

(1) Persons with dual citizenship renouncing their Chinese nationality;
(2) Persons with dual citizen renouncing their foreign citizenship.

The figure of 182 for the first 10 months of 2016 was not broken down by the two sub-categories. The number of renunciations of Chinese nationality could be anywhere between 0 and 182.

If the number of renunciations of Chinese nationality was 142 or higher, then they can claim that there was an increase of 30% or more. At this point, they don't know that. So how can they write this headline?

- So this 'news report' quotes a statistic that neither supports nor refutes the story of more Hongkongers not wanting to be Chinese nationals anymore. It then goes ahead to attribute to the 30% increase in renunciations of Chinese nationality to the kidnapping of Chinese national Lee Bo into mainland China. What is the basis for this allegation?

Of the 182 dual citizens who wanted to change nationality, how many renounced their Chinese nationality? Of these, how many did Ming Pao/The Stand interviewed? None. So where did the conclusion come from? It must be the proverbial "Pulled it out of their asses".

- Why do they practice Yellow Journalism?

Yellow journalism, or the yellow press, is a type of journalism that presents little or no legitimate well-researched news and instead uses eye-catching headlines to sell more newspapers. Techniques may include exaggerations of news events, scandal-mongering or sensationalism. By extension, the term yellow journalism is used today as a pejorative to decry any journalism that treats news in an unprofessional or unethical fashion.

Because the editor ordered the reporter: "The Causeway Bay Bookstore case is dying off. Write something to keep it alive." And voil!

- On February 23, 2015, Apple Daily (Taiwan) published a news report titled 暴增6成 港人遷台年逾7千件 創新高(Sharp increase of 60%: More than 7,000 Hongkongers move to reside in Taiwan, setting new record). The explanation was: "After more than 2 months of the Occupy Movement to fight for genuine universal suffrage of Chief Executive, Hong Kong is politically and socially tense. Many Hongkongers want to move away." However, a consultant said that immigration applications take two to three years to process and approve/reject, so the effects won't be apparent until next year or the year after.

According to the National Immigration Agency (Taiwan), for the first 11 months of 2016, a total of 3,849 Hongkongers received permission to stay and 1,001 Hongkongers were granted residency. For the 11-month period in 2015, a total of 6,033 Hongkongers received permission to stay and 810 Hongkongers were granted residency. There is nothing to report here because it does not fit the theme of the ill effects of the Umbrella Revolution forcing Hongkongers to leave in despair. And God forbid that it should reflect badly on the democratically elected President Tsai Ing-wen who has driven Hongkongers away in droves!

- It isn't as if the 182 people have abandoned any hope for Hong Kong and gave up their Chinese nationality in order to live somewhere overseas happily forever afterwards. The whole point is that they are NOT leaving. They want to continue to live in Hong Kong and/or mainland China. But because they think that they are doing something that might cause them to be kidnapped by some mysterious Special Branch of the National Security Agency of Communist China, they want to have foreign consular services.

- It isn't as if this was 'losing' 182 people, thus causing a population depletion crisis.


Hong Kong current has a quote of 150 people per day for mainlanders to come to Hong Kong for the purpose of family reunion. Journalist Ching Cheong alleges that the scheme, whose beneficiaries are at the sole discretion of the PRC government and outside of the vetting procedures of the Hong Kong Immigration Department, is an infiltration mechanism by spies and friends of the regime into Hong Kong; those that are not filled by spies become a graft mechanism for officials. Martin Lee said that the policy is part of the CPC's strategy of long-run "Tibetisation" of Hong Kong, aimed at marginalising Hong Kong people and their core values over time.

In the grand scheme of things, the 182 figure is insignificant. (Home Affairs Department) In the second quarter of 2016, 13,883 One-way Permit Holders entered Hong Kong with a daily average of 152.

- From the same Immigration Department table, 67% more people stored their previously renounced Chinese nationality in 2015 than in 2014! What does that mean? Nothing, really. In 2015 there were 5 cases compared to the 3 cases in 2014.

- What is the advantage of Chinese nationality? For one thing, China will evacuate its own citizens from war zones and disaster areas (Asia Times).

- How about the number of applications for naturalization as a Chinese national? 1,458 in 2014 rose up to 1,689 in 2015. Why do so many foreigners want to become Chinese nowadays? They couldn't all be professional soccer players, right?

- It is understandable that they have to make things up because not much was happening during the New Year holidays. But there are plenty of things that can be reported. For example, this video took place in the spectator stand at the soccer field at Maple Street, Sham Shui Po district. The man with the mobile phone had spotted a woman sitting in front of him smoking a cigarette. He asked her to stop.

(Man) I am only asking you not to smoke cigarettes.
(Woman standing up) Why are you still talking on and on? I'm going to scream that you are molesting me.
(Man) How am I going to molest you? I haven't touched you at all.
(Woman) I told you to shut up, but you just have to keep talking.
(Man) You and I separated by an entire pillar. How am I going to molest you, sister? I was only asking you not to smoke cigarettes.
(Woman) I told you to shut up, but you just have to keep talking.
(Man) If I didn't tell you, you would still be smoking.
(Woman's companion) Is that enough?
(Man) Enough what?
(Woman's companion) [The cigarette] has been put out.
(Man) If I didn't tell her, she would not have put it out.
(Woman) It's been put out.

But wait, Internet users have identified the couple as being active Yellow Ribbon demonstrators! So this story cannot be reported.

But wait, because there is lack of specific information, so a Yellow Ribbon Facebook has posted the same video about active Blue Ribbon demonstrators!

(Oriental Daily) December 2, 2016.

The Civil Human Rights Front announced that they are planning for a demonstration march on New Year's Day. The main demands will be (1) to oppose the government's use of judicial review against the four Legislative Councilors (Nathan Law, Lau Siu-wai, Leung Kwok-hung and Yiu Chung-yim); (2) to demand that Chief Executive CY Leung leave office. The two issues are linked because the judicial review is a political coup plotted by CY Leung over many years to make sure that the pan-democrats lose the majority (and hence the veto power) in the Legislative Council.

(Oriental Daily) December 14, 2016.

The Civil Human Rights Front announced today that they will be holding a New Year's Day demonstration march. The march will begin at 3:00pm from Victoria Park and end at the Chater Road pedestrian mall in Central. The march will be led by the Legislative Councilors. The Civil Human Rights Front has issued invitations to all Legislative Councilors, including the disqualified Leung Chung-hang and Yau Wai-ching.

The slogan for the march is "Sovereignty belongs to the people, March on New Year's Day." The themes of the march are (1) oppose the Interpretation of the Basic Law by the National People's Congress Standing Committee; (2) oppose the judicial review by the government against the four Legislative Councilors (Nathan Law, Lau Siu-wai, Leung Kwok-hung and Yiu Chung-yim); (3) demand genuine universal suffrage for the Chief Executive election; etc.

Nathan Law, Lau Siu-wai and Leung Kwok-hung called for the civic organizations to unite together to apply peaceful and reasoned pressure on the government. Leung said that the government is an authoritarian regime that is ruthlessly using every means possible to destroy the opposition. Therefore he calls for the citizens to march in the street.

(Oriental Daily) January 1, 2016.

30 minutes before the march was due to begin, there were just over 100 persons present at the scene. 20 minutes before the march was due to begin, the number increased to between 200 and 300 persons.

The demonstration march started off at 3:10pm. The procession was led by four Legislative Councilors Nathan Law, Lau Siu-lai, Leung Kwok-hung and Yiu Chung-yim. There were between 700 and 800 marchers. At 4:20pm, the procession was at the Canal Road Flyover with about 1,000 persons. At 6:00pm the end of the procession reached the stopping point. About 300 persons gathered for an assembly. Previously, the Civil Human Rights Front had applied to the police for a no-objection letter for a 50,000-person march. Today the Civil Human Rights Front spokesperson Au Nok-hin said that they have no plans to conduct a head count.

Coming up at the back of the procession was a group calling themselves Hong Kong Pan-Blue Friends. They carried an inverted British Lion-Dragon drag and they demanded an end to one-party rule (because they want the Chinese Communists to share power with the Kuomintang).

Internet comments:

- World record number! (Oriental Daily) January 1, 2017. About 6,125 persons gathered today at the AsiaWorld Expo to play the song <Home Sweet Home> with their ukuleles. This is a Guinness world record, breaking the 2015 Tahiti event by 1,333 persons.

- I watched the demonstration march on the Department of Transportation's surveillance camera at Jardine Road near Hennessey Road. Because there weren't a lot of people, it was easy to count. By my count, there were fewer than 900 marchers.

- RTHK quotes Leung Kwok-hung: "I know that many citizens were unable to march for a variety of reasons. Some citizens told him that they will donate money instead." Leung hopes that citizens will continue to use various means to oppose the government's use of the judicial review to oppress the four Legislative Councilors.

- Ming Pao quotes Nathan Law: "Many citizens are in a holiday mood after CY Leung announced that he won't seek re-election. Besides, the New Year's Day march always have fewer people than June 4th and July 1st."

- The government pulled out all stops to suppress turnout. Firstly, they organized a New Year's Eve midnight fireworks show in Victoria Harbor, with more than 300,000 viewers. These people got home late and could not get out of bed in time. Secondly, the Hong Kong Jockey Club (which had donated $3.5 billion to build the Palace Museum in West Kowloon without public consultation) held horse races in Sha Tin, with 86,606 in attendance at the track, $1.577 billion in bets and countless others at Off Track Betting locations. These are the usual dirty tricks that CY Leung uses against freedom/democracy/human rights/justice/rule-of-law/universal suffrage all the time.

- TVB quotes Civil Human Rights Front spokesperson Au Nok-hin: "One of the demands is to urge the government to rescind the judicial review against the four Legislative Councilors. The Civil Human Rights Front will consider Chief Executive candidates state their positions on this issue." At the same time, the Civil Human Rights Front also said that they are not interfering with a court case that has been scheduled to be heard. Huh?

- (Oriental Daily) Counter-demonstrators throw joss money at Yau Wai-ching, yell at Leung Kwok-hung to give up his public housing apartment for some needy person; tell the pro-independence marchers "Go back to England! Don't ever come back!"

- The Stand News quotes Civil Human Rights Front spokesperson Au Nok-hin at 3:14pm: "The Front applied to the police for 50,000 marchers. So far there are only about 3,000 at the scene." And here is the photo of the 3,000 people:

- Wait, don't let your eyes lie to you! The Civil Human Rights Front said that there are 9,150 persons in that photo! (RTHK) The Civil Human Rights Front announced that 9,150 persons took part in the New Year's Day march. Convener Au Nok-hin apologized to the public for the low turnout. He said that he will bear all responsibility and he urges citizens not to think that marching is useless. Why were there so few people? Au said that many citizens think that all the problems will be solved once CY Leung is gone. Au said that the Civil Human Rights Front has a counting station in Wanchai. However, Au observed that some citizens joined in at points past the counting station, so that their counters cannot count up all the marchers.

- Here are the historical numbers as claimed by the organizers:

2004: 100,000 (Civil Human Rights Front)
2006: 50 (April 5th Movement)
2008: 50 (League of Social Democrats)
2009: 100 (League of Social Democrats)
2010: 30,000 (Civil Human Rights Front)
2013: 130,000 (Civil Human Rights Front)
2014: 30,000 (Civil Human Rights Front)
2015: 13,000 (Civil Human Rights Front)
2016: 4,000 (2016 New Years Day Demonstration March Alliance)
2017: 9,150 (Civil Human Rights Front)

In 2016, the police said that 2,700 persons started out from Victoria Park and the peak crowd size was 4,800.

- Numbers are important, not so much the number of demonstrators but the amounts that are being raised at the various street booths run by various groups along the march route. A number of groups (such as the Democratic Party) have promised to forward their intakes to the Justice Defence Fund. So there are a number of possible scenarios from this other numbers game:

(1) The reported amount in donations is small, and this reflects that the citizens think that the four Legislative Councilors messed up with their oaths of office and therefore are fully responsible for their own actions. Furthermore, these Legislative Councilors earn $95,180 per month in salary and they should be able to take care of their own legal bills.

(2) The reported amount in donations is small, but observers could see that citizens were putting in wads and wads of money into the money chests. This means that the organizations are withholding most of the donations for themselves and forwarding a small fraction to the Justice Defence Fund.

(3) The reported amount in donations is huge, and this reflects that the citizens believe that they must defend the four Legislative Councilors and hence stop the government's plot to seize veto power in the Legislative Council.

(4) The reported amounts in donations is huge, but observers could not see many citizens putting money into the money chests. This means that the money is coming from super-funders who don't want to be identified.

It does not matter if you can't march
The most important thing is to donate money.

- (Oriental Daily) Here are the all-important numbers:

The Justice Defence Fund announced that they have raised donations of more than $2 million, after excluding $140,500 in joss money. Of this amount, $1.42 million were raised by various political organizations (not including the Civil Human Rights Front itself). Since the Fund had already raised more than $410,000 as of December 30, 2016, the total so far is $1,830,000. Once Civil Human Rights Front comes forth with their contribution, the total is expected to go past $2 million.

Individually, the Democratic Party said that their two booths raised $63,803.50. Lau Siu-lai said that she raised more than $140,000. Leung Kwok-hung said that his group raised more than $400,000. Demosisto said that they raised more than $200,000.

- (EJ Insight) On November 21, 2016. China Liaison Office director Zhang Xiaoping auctioned off a piece of calligraphy for $18.8 million at a fundraiser for the pro-establishment DAB party.

- Here is a contra-street booth, with the banners: "I want to accept Dark Gold (=secret, possibly illegal, donations)."

- Apparently Yau Waiching was preoccupied with other issues. (Apple Daily) The popular Japanese television drama <Running Away is Shameful but Useful> features a song/dance routine. Yau Wai-ching and Kwong Po-yin performed this routine for Kwong's Whampao District Council Facebook.

- Why would Leung Chung-hang and Yau Wai-ching show up at the New Year's Day march? The Civil Human Rights Front said that the DQ2 duo was invited. However, the donations raised are earmarked for the DQ4 Legislative Councilors, and not the DQ2. This is clearly a slap in the face, not in the least because the whole trouble was started by the DQ2.

- <Running Away From Your Debts Is Shameful But Useful>?

- This is the modern myth of Sisyphus. Leung/Yau is always crowdfunding towards a particular goal. When they approach that goal, the RESET button gets hit and we have to start all over again. So we have the endless task of giving more money to them more frequently.

- (Facebook video) The Occupy Central trio of Chan Kin-man, Chu Yiu-ming and Benny Tai were present. They needed the police to form a cordon to protect them from a bunch of "Fuck your mother"-yelling uncles.

- (Facebook video) (Facebook video) Labour Party vice-chairman Alex Kwok Siu-kit was cursed out by a bunch of "Fuck your mother"-yelling uncles and an auntie. Previously, Hong Kong and Kowloon Lifeguards' Union vice-president Kwok took one year off for disability due to a work-related injury and spent that time as the leader of the Occupy Central team of marshals.

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