Top Ten Sex-related Incidents In China During 2006

(Tianya)  Top Ten Sex-Related Affairs in China During 2006.  By 知情不多的人.  December 25, 2006.

[in translation, enhanced with photographs]

1. Compared to the popularity of the Super Girl contest last year, this year's contest is more sedate.  Beneath this calmness, there is a more brutal competition as the temptation of overnight fame led the young girls and even their parents to resort to all sorts of chicanery.  There was the so-called 'exposure scandal' (note: in which contestant Sun Yixin yanked up her skirt to expose her white panties).  The event even drew the attention of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT), although nothing came out it.  From another perspective, the need to reveal the body in order to attract eyeballs signifies the demise of the Super Girl program.

2.  Actually Zhang Ziyi had already appeared to have gone nude in <Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon>.  So what is the big deal about an actress engaged in passion, especially since only a bare back was revealed?  Many multi-million Hollywood actresses have gone nude on film too.  We can only say that since Zhang Ziyi is famous, she is acting haughty and even a bare-backed scene requires a body double.  As for the body double Shao Xiaoshan, she found a connection with Zhang Ziyi and she decided it would be a shame not to hype this up.  As long as the term "nude" is involved, there is some value, whether it is bare back or chest.

3. The auntie-class middle-aged woman Rao Ying did not want to left out and published her "sex diary" about CCTV program host Zhao Zhongxiang in order to squeeze out the residual value of their affair.  Even though auntie Rao revealed many impressive details including sexual tortures, the public is tired and does not want to let this affair affect their own sexual appetites.  Finally, auntie Rao sold her diary for the grand sum of 6,000 RMB.  Yes, 6,000 RMB --- this is enough to make people sympathize with auntie Rao for once.

4. Breasts were ample and abundant in <Curse of the Golden Flowers> and raised the level of aesthetic interest in Chinese cinema to a peak.  Recalling the dreadful 10 minutes of thigh-revealing dancing at the Athens Olympics, we have to be seriously worried about the 2008 Beijing Olympics opening ceremony.  From thigh to chest, it is unclear whether director Zhang Yimou is making progress or everybody is going backwards instead.

5. The unknown actress Xiao Qiong and the unknown director Yang Yichao were involved in a sex-related lawsuit over some SMS messages with a possible sex-related overtone.  In the end, the director won.  As to the meaning of the term 'entry,' the judge made an attempt to interpret it according to the face value.  Meanwhile, everybody else attempted to understand it under the classified restrictions on such matters.  As to whether 'entry' actually took place, only God knows.

6. This one is a genuine sex-related affair in the manner of Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky.  A countless number of netizens watched the legendary Zhang Yu sex videos.  No matter whom you believe is right or wrong in this affair, this is a tremendous blow against the entertainment industry.  This Internet frenzy marked the climax of sex in China.  As for the so-called hidden rules of the entertainment industry, they existed before, they exist now and they will continue to exist in the future.  If we wait long enough, we are sure to see another grand sight such as this one again.


7. Even Xu Jinglei did not want to be left behind.  There was an exposť of her meeting a certain writer in a hotel.  The author seemed to provide the details and the readers seemed to love it.  Actually, who cares if this affair is true or not?  So what if it is true anyway?  Even if this incident was totally fictional, Xu Jinglei should be repaying everybody for being the most popular figure on the Internet.

8. Li Yinhe once again aroused a public opinion storm with her ideas about wife-swapping.  Combined with her previous views on the decriminalization of prostitution and other views on human sexual relationsihps, Li Yinhe is obviously becoming the target of criticisms by the moralists.  She not only challenges the moral bottom line of the ordinary Chinese person, but she has also exceeded the boundary of tolerance of certain elite intellectuals.  In the end, she seemed to have become lost herself.  Actually, Li Yinhe is only telling us about what will happen years later from now.  If she is at fault, then it is because she spoke too soon.

9.A person who ran a pornographic website  (Erotic Sky in June) was sentenced to life imprisonment.  That should be a special Chinese characteristric.  In the battle between law and sex, the law naturally holds the moral high ground.  After a hubbub, the Internet merrily continues its journey of sex.  What people are looking for in the virtual world of sex is titillation and not justice.

10.  Shenzhen closed the year with a regrettable exclamation mark, because what it provoked was far more than the simple notion of 'erotic sex.'  Basically, the reason why people were attracted to this incident is still the word 'sex.'