Humanizing China - Part 1 (Survival)

1. The flow of the bicycles during the early morning rush hour

2. The roads are narrow, so the workers ride on motorcycles

3. There are many people and few train cars, so the people are trying to enter through the windows

4. The train station is full of people going down south to work, so that the bathroom line is longer than 45 minutes

5. During the spring vacation, the train station is full of people

6. Instant lottery ticket purchase line

7. Mine workers just exiting the mine

8. Workers who handle polluting products

9.  Road gang on the Qingha-Tibet highway

10.  It is necessary to purchase admission tickets in order to pick garbage

11. Scene of a collapsed building construction

12.  Selling blood becomes the livelihood of some peasants

13.  When the tide ebbs, the women rush to the beach to dig for clams

14. Fishermen brave the sea in a storm

15.  Salt gathering workers during a break

16. To help flatten the earth, the children lay their bodies on the wooden plank

17.  Chinese returnee from Vietname tills the farmlands

18. Mother and children gather potatoes in the field

19.  Farmer gathering crop

20.  Porters on the mountain path

21.  Personnel on the live-stock train from Wuhan to Hong Kong

22.  Postman delivering mail on difficult rural route

23.  The first group of Three Gorges migrants move their furniture

24. 87-year-old old migrant is being helped to board the boat to depart from Three Gorge dam area

25.  Unemployed female worker checks out the employment ads

26. New construction is crowded out the playground of the young girls

27.  Factory gate guard and the notices on the blackboard

28.  Dismissed workers get on line to receive government assistance money

29.  Unemployed workers wait for employment in the snow at the free-lance workers market

30.  Civilian laborers waiting for work at the merchandise market

31.  Young coal gatherer

32.  Entrance to a small coal mine

33.  A small coalminer hauls the coal out on hands and feet while the boss watches

34.  A western gold prospector holds the body of the relative fell by illness

35.  Running race with small dogs chasing rabbits in the open field

36.  At the animal doctor's station working on horse shoes

37.  Vegetable stand at the free market

38.  Villagers sell food to passengers on the boat

39.  Entering the city

40.  Street peddler of buns in a rural market

41. Roadside vendor selling to railroad passengers

42.  Cow market

43.  Street barber in a demolished room

44. Street side tailor making an instant repair on a skirt

45.  Out-of-school youth selling cooked yam on the street

46.  A flower-selling boy at midnight

47.  Mother praying in church for leukemia-afflicted child

48.  Mother breast feeding triplets

49.  Dividing the food in the family

50.  A peasant woman and her ten children

51.  Pedestrians gawk at an abandoned baby

52.  A mountain resident carries his wife home.  She just had her tubes tied.

53.  Diners at the beef noodle shop

54.  Lunchboxes for the old house demolition workers

55.  Citizens get on line to buy rice noodles

56.  Sleeping out in the street to cool down in the heat

57.  A train passenger without a seat lies down on the seat back

58.  Each day, several dozen students have to cross this bridge four times

59.  A double amputee leper goes for a swim

60. In the section for the terminal cases at a hospital

61.  Street doctor

62.  During the SARS period, a little old lady performs sentry duty at the village entrance

63.  At the SARS inspection station, a small girl records the license number of the car ready to enter the village

64.  Story teller

65.  A blind musician plays in a pedestrian underpass

66.  A one-legged old shepherd tends to his flock on crutches

这本摄影集起源于广东美术馆2003-2004举办的《中国人本-纪实在当代》摄影作品展(2004年在上海美术馆也展出过),收录了250多位摄影家的 600多幅作品,是当代中国最大的一次人本摄影展。这些作品分布的年代集中在1980-2001年这个中国解冻的20年,也有少量1950-1980的作品。这些作品基本上涵盖了中国所有地域的所有阶层, 还原了中国人生存情态的本真,是人类学标本的摄影学。