Humanizing China - Part 2 (Relationships)

1. A pair of lovers lie under the sun on the green grass

2. A family on the Shanghai Bund

3.  An unfinished building in Hainan became the construction workers' outdoor bathroom

4.  A horsedrawn cart, a truck and an airplane

5.  A special VIP visits the Forbidden Palace with a phalanx of bodyguards

6.  A soon-to-be completed commercial building and the still quiet old alleyway

7.  A judge heads for a remote mountain village to take on a case;
the horse is used to carry the national emblem

8.  The street cleaners in front of the National People's Congress building in Tienanmen Square

9.  The cadres visit the village to explain the law, and are treated to a work meal of potatoes

10.  The mobile law court holds a session on the mountain road

11.  A neighborhood patrol of retirees

12.  Out-of-towners without resident permits are detained in Hainan;
the lucky escapees are searching for their detained friends and relatives

13.  Neighorhood women keep an eye on strange visitors

14.  A neighborhood watch group chats away

15.  Two young girls read the placard of a beggar

16.  Watching soldiers train from a close distance

17.  A city girl checks out her foot

18.  Modern garbage

19.  Elementary school children sent out to direct traffic

20.  A tired passenger in the subway

21.  A self-assured village cadre

22.  Female workers dormitory at a handbag factory

23.  Streetside cobbler in the early days of the mobile phone

24.  A car had just died on the road but nobody wants to help

25.  Villagers looking at wedding photos

26.  A peasant village couple in a traditional wedding

27.  The 27-year-old resident committee chairwoman tries to mediate a family dispute

28.  Increasingly westernized weddings in the city

29.  Chatting with an admirer on the other side of the barbed wire fence of the factory

30.  Child plays at the courtroom while parents bid for a divorce

31.  Students on a Beijing street 

32.  An elevated female

33.  Kissing lovers on Wangjingfu Street, Beijing

34.  Border military officer and his family

35.  Handicapped couple goes to town

36.  Expectant mother of quadruplets

37.  Returning to her parents' home

38.  Four brothers look at tall Shanghai buildings

39.  Four brothers take a bath in summer

40.  Unwilling kindergarten child was 'invited' to enter by the teacher

41.  Mother accomapnies son to study on a summer's night

42.  A peasant is about to transplant his kidney to his diabetic son

43.  A parent disciplines the child

44.  A vegetable vendor plays with his son

45.  A military officer says goodbye to his visiting wife and son

46.  The commune wash room in an apartment building

47.  Old neighbors

48.  An art student lives alone in a rented house

49.  Children play in the narrow alleyway

50.  A man applies hair oil for his wife

51.  The neigborhood bridal party prepares for the wedding

52.  A son plays a bamboo flute for his mother

53.  A homemade table tennis game

54.  Elementary school children doing handstands

55.  A Tibetan girl chews bubble gum before the storm arrives

56.  A teacher rears 40 cats in a 20 square meter apartment

57.  A death row inmate uses the bathroom

这本摄影集起源于广东美术馆2003-2004举办的《中国人本-纪实在当代》摄影作品展(2004年在上海美术馆也展出过),收录了250多位摄影家的 600多幅作品,是当代中国最大的一次人本摄影展。这些作品分布的年代集中在1980-2001年这个中国解冻的20年,也有少量1950-1980的作品。这些作品基本上涵盖了中国所有地域的所有阶层, 还原了中国人生存情态的本真,是人类学标本的摄影学。