Humanizing China - Part 3 (Desires)

1.  Rental rooms of the 'working girls'

2.  Women doing sword-play exercises

3.  Customers at curbside hairdresser looks at pedestrians 

4.  Two old women get their hair curled for the New Year

5.  Curbside beauty parlor

6.  Traditional method of facial hair removal by string is applied to leg hairs

7.  Female horse ranger applies make-up before going on duty

8.  Shadow play is still popular in places where television has not arrived

9.  On the prison parade ground, the music band rehearses

10.  Prisoners practice qigong in prison

11.  Death row female inmate hopes for a lighter sentence

12.  At a banquet, the performers break into disco dancing

13.  A woman runs a home for more than 20 mentally handicapped children with her own money

14.  In the scenic tourist zone, a taoist monk gives a reading over the mobil phone

15.  The new-style scientific life sign reader

16.  Outside a rental home, a young man fools around with a prostitute

17.  At the curbside restaurant, a diner harrasses a female pedestrian

18.  Two people arrested for illicit sexual transaction at a hair salon

19.  Minority group members have their photos taken

20.  Free karaoke for migrant workers

21.  Retired people entertain themselves

22.  Retired people practice chorus singing

23.  Bird fighters congregate together

24.  Tricycle cab drivers play cards while they wait for business;
a loser has to put a stone slab on the head

25.  Fishermen uses the beach as a natural soccer field

26.  A photo before jumping into the water in winter

27.  Changing in public

28.  A winter swim in Beijing

29.  A citizen exercises in a public park

30.  The gymasium is full of people

31.  Peasants exercise in front of the Temple of the Dragon King

32.  The hutong (alleyway) is a basketball field

33.  Acupuncture for weight loss

34.  A woman in a Chinese traditional dress stands underneath a sign

35.  Chinese traditional dress comes back into fashion

36.  Instruction at he first school for hand models in China

37.  A priest teaches new converts how to make the sign of the cross

38.  Lamas rehearsing for the annual dance

39.  The Living Buddha approaches

40.  Joint meeting of Buddhists and Taoists

41.  95-year-old woman dresses in opera costume for her birthday celebration;
she is being carried onto the stage by her grandsons

42.  Hakka people pay respect to their ancestors on New Year's Eve

43.  A prosperous peasant family displays their family tree

44.  Banners on sale for the Spring festival

45.  Parents wait outside the school's gate while their children take exams inside

46.  Trainees at a performance troupe

47.  AIDS children line up before class

48.  The "Project of Hope" is being set upon isde the People's National Congress hall

49.  In front of Tienanmen, a man displays the photo of his deceased wife
to show that both of them have fulfilled the wish to visit here once

50.  Peasant woman selling bras and stockings at the village fair in Yunnan

51.  Peeking at the male models performing in front of the stage

52.  Taking measurements of the model contest entrants

53.  Preparing for the model competition 

54.  The first ever clothing model show in Beijing

55.  Curious spectators at the first Yunnan Province bodybuilding championships

56.  Rock 'n roll music fans

57.  Young people have fun all night at the pub

58.  Public dancing in the plaza

59.  Young people at the dance hall on Christmas Eve

60.  The workers at this restaurant are required to shave their heads

61.  An astonished spectator at a nude photography exhibit

62.  A man is astonished at the scantily clad women

63.  A female photobraher and her self portraits

64.  Dance performance in the street

65.  A disappointed woman at a lottery of allotments of a new stock offering

66.  The lucky winner at an instant lottery game

67.  During a lull in the stock market, investors practice taichi on the stockbroker's floor

68.  Sales distributors receive news of a ban

69.  The local real estate exchange mart

70.  A man promotes himself at a human resouces exchange mart

71.  Local billboard is covered with telephone numbers for getting fake documents

72.  This urban restaurant advertises a rural peasant atmosphere

73.  In the 1987, the first Santa Claus and Miss Santa appeared on Chang An Street

74.  Vacationers frolick in the artificial waves at a Beijing spa

75.  At a scenic tourist site, children use their implements to beg from the tourists

76.  Searching for tips to 'get rich quick'

77.  A newspaper collector rummages through the refuse collection station

这本摄影集起源于广东美术馆2003-2004举办的《中国人本-纪实在当代》摄影作品展(2004年在上海美术馆也展出过),收录了250多位摄影家的 600多幅作品,是当代中国最大的一次人本摄影展。这些作品分布的年代集中在1980-2001年这个中国解冻的20年,也有少量1950-1980的作品。这些作品基本上涵盖了中国所有地域的所有阶层, 还原了中国人生存情态的本真,是人类学标本的摄影学。