August 16, 2008

Huashang New: Assistant to scholar Kong Qingdong was kidnapped and drugged to prevent him from calling the police.

Peking University professor and famous scholar Kong Qingdong's assistant Little Yang went back to Baiji to pay tribute to his late mother.  But he was kidnapped by his old friends who withdrew 42,000 RMB from Kong Qingdong's bank card.

Little Yang was able to escape and consulted with Kong Qingdong to call the police.  The Baoji police spent only half a day to arrest the five suspects in the the case.

August 17, 2008

Blog post: I just saw my friend -- Yang Chun, the assistant to Kong Qingdong -- this afternoon ...  He had been kidnapped and about to be killed after the random was delivered.  After I read the news report <Assistant to famous scholar Kong Qingdong was kidnapped by friends>, I called Yang Chun immediately.  He said that I was the first friend to call him and he really wanted to shake my hand and thank me ...

November 14, 2008

ProState In Flames blog post:  Chairman Mao's old warrior Kong Qingdong taken away for suspected involvement in North Korean spy case.

According to informed sources at Peking University, plainclothes police officers from the State Security Bureau came around 7pm to the university security office and asked to see Professor Kong Qingdong.  They informed Kong that he was suspected of providing information to North Korea though his Beijing University Sovereign Thoughts Study Group and took him away for interrogation.

November 14, 2008

Kong Qingdong's blog post: The most despicable rumor of these times

I did not plan to blog today because I just wrote something last night where the final sentence was: "The place which gathers the dreams of millions is mostly likely to draw the bullets of evil."

I went out at noon to eat and drink with friends around noon and to swap the latest information in academia.  During the meal, the media kept calling.  As always, I refuse to pick up.  After a few rounds of drinks and a few courses of food, I began to receive many short messages on my phone until the memory storage was used up.  All of them referred to the shocking case from last night.  I laughed and I took a few calls from media, friends and leaders.  I told them that I have just become the most hated, most feared, most scary and most adored hero on earth.

This kindergarten-level rumor was able to deceive so many people.  On one hand, it showed that the masses cared about me.  On the other hand, it showed that the masses need to improve their ability to identify the class enemies.

The rumormonger is obviously either a Chinese traitor or a shameless rightist.  It is normal for someone to be either rightist, leftist or neutral.  Over the years, there have been great heroes or even martyrs from both left and right.  Yet, some of the rightists today who praise democracy and freedom would rather serve America, South Korea and Japan through spreading disgusting rumors.  They yearn that I would be suppressed by the government!  They advocate freedom and democracy and they take every change to curse and bring down the Chinese government.  Here they have revealed their true intent.  They long to use the violent state apparatus to destroy people who dissent from them.  If they should gain power, it would not be just Kong Qingdong but thousands of others who whose heads will roll on the ground.

Next, this rumor showed how much they hate North Korea.  None of us have first-hand material about North Korea, so we know nothing.  Most of the information about North Korea come from their enemies and therefore cannot be trusted.  None of these Chinese traitors have read North Korean books, or studied the North Korean situation.  They only know how to bark up to the sky all day.  Someday when North Korea gains speech rights in the world, they will turn around to bully the weak.  None of these hundreds and thousands of rightists that I have seen have any ethics or learned knowledge.  They are all cultural hooligans with undeserved fame.  They only seek personal fame through shameless means.

Finally, it is not hard to see how these rightists hate Mao Zedong and Peking University.  They hate everyone who achieves grand results for China.  But they are also useless themselves.  For example, their daddy is experiencing a financial crisis and cannot even find enough food for himself.  So these bastards can only dream that their enemies will worry themselves to death as Lu Xun pointed out.  But I love to tease these people.  The more chaos, the better I feel.  You can make up a couple more rumors like the one today, so that the people can get more practical lessons about society and see how shameless and disgusting the rightists can be.  At the same time, this will provide delightful material for true liberal intellectuals like myself.

Sigh, it is my destiny to be harassed daily by these class enemies!  I thank the revolutionary masses for show their concern so passionately!

(New York Times)  At Reading in Beijing, Noted Writer Is Stabbed.  February 15, 2009.

A prominent Chinese writer known for provocative, antiestablishment Web postings was stabbed and wounded during a book reading on Saturday.

The writer, Xu Lai, a newspaper reporter, novelist and blogger whose satirical Internet postings are widely followed by students, journalists and the Chinese literati, may have been singled out for his writings, his friends and associates said.

Mr. Xu was accosted in a restroom by two men who stabbed him in the stomach and then threatened to cut off his hand before fleeing, according to the friends and fellow bloggers who posted the news on the Internet.


Mr. Xus blog, ProState in Flames, was carried by Bullog, a liberal Web site, until the government shut down Bullog last month. His writings can still be found elsewhere on the Internet, although individual postings and links are sometimes deleted by censors.

Word of the attack quickly spread by text message and the Twitter messaging service, and several newspapers and Web sites carried the news on Sunday.

(Legal System Evening News)  Blogger "ProState in Flames" stabbed due to defamation

According to the procuratorate, at 4pm on February 14, 2009, Yang Chun stabbed Xu Lai (=blogger "ProState In Flames") in the stomach in the men's restroom on the second floor of the Unidirectional Bookstore in the Chaoyang district, Beijing.

According to the indictment, Xu Lai is an editor at a Beijing newspaper.  Yang Chun believes that a certain news item damaged his friend's reputation and therefore stabbed Xu.  Yang Chun was arrested in Suzhou city, Jiangsu province on February 20, 2009.

According to information, 33-year-old Yang Chun had previously been sentenced to 3 years in jail for embezzlement of public funds.  He was released from jail in April 2006.

On June 18, the two CCTV top brand-name programs <Network News> and <Focus Interview> reported the news story that carried large amounts of obscene pornographic and vulgar information.  At the 7:46 mark of <Focus Interview>, an interview with a university student named Gao Ye began.  This university students said:

"I feel that the pornographic or obscene information on the Internet is particularly harmful.  The harm becomes especially big when it is linked by Google.  There is a fellow student of mine.  He had been somewhat curious about this sort of thing.  So he visited pornographic websites and he ended up being very absent-minded for a while.  Then the state began an anti-pornography campaign.  He did not go there for a while and he got better.  Then he found out that when he went through search engines such as with many users, he could still reach these kinds of websites.  So he went back to visiting those many linked websites.  He suffered a relapse."

After the program was broadcast, there was a strong reaction across China.  This particular segment with the university student who related his personal experience drew questions from netizens.

Previously, a 13-year-old female student named Zhang said that pornographic hyperlinks were "very yellow, very violent" while being interviewed on CCTV's <Network News> and became the subject of Internet ridicule.  So Gao Ye also became the target of netizens and given titles such as "pure and innocent university student" and "male version of Zhang XX."  His description of his fellow students as "absent-minded" also became a popular phrase.

Yesterday morning, a netizen discovered that there was a user named "Gao Ye" at the social networking site Xiaonei.  Based upon the photos, this is the same Gao Ye who appeared the day before on <Focus Interview>.  According to a conversation with a friend on June 17, Gao Ye is presently an intern with the CCTV program <Focus Interview>.  Also, other netizens found Gao Ye and his friends' blogs which said that he was going to become an intern at CCTV.  This information was later posted at Cat898 Forum, Tianya Form and other websites.  The reporter confirmed with a worker at CCTV's <Focus Interview> program group that Gao Ye is indeed an intern there.

The human flesh search quickly located and published Gao Ye's school, QQ number, mobile phone number and other personal information.  His Xiaonei page was flooded with scornful comments.  Not satisfied with direct personal attacks, some netizens began a human flesh search on his girlfriend.  Her blog, Xiaonei page, QQ number and other information were published.  Her photos with Gao Ye were posted all over the place alongside personal attacks.

Faced with the pressure from the powerful human flesh search, Gao Ye and his girlfriend deleted their blogs.  Gao Ye's Xiaonei space now only has the message: "Account canceled by the user."

Some netizens are worried about this type of human flesh search: "I feel that we can make fun of his purity, silliness and naivete.  We can even say that he abandoned his ideals as a journalist in return for certain material interests.  But please do not involve his family and girlfriend, because they are innocent."

Related Link: Google says "Gao Ye" is a sensitive word in any form  Joel Martinsen, Danwei

On the evening of June 18, CCTV's <Network News> and <Focus Interview> reported on carrying pornographic and vulgar information (see

On the same day, netizens began to question quickly.  Search engines frequently offer likely search terms because these are popular with other users.  As such, the search engines are not responsible because they are only reporting what users are "voting" on with their searches.  Thus, when proposes certain relevant search terms, they are merely informing you what other netizens are most commonly searching for.  They are reflecting the facts of life, and it shows that is being fair and objective.  Rather than blaming the search engines, we should be blaming people for wanting to look up pornography which proliferate on the Chinese Internet.

Similarly, other search engines such as Baidu and Bing contain the same kinds of pornographic information, but CCTV completely ignores them.  Netizens made screen captures to show that Baidu is no less vulgar than ...

Explanation: When 'mm' (which is the shorthand for 'young woman') is entered into, the search engine recommends 'mm naked in bath,' 'mm sex,' 'mm bathing,' 'mm8mm8,' 'mm entire process of bathing,' 'mm bathing video,' 'mm apartment' and 'mm expose.'  When 'mm' is entered into Baidu, the search engines recommends 'mm super-sexy see-through underwear,' 'mm sex positions in bed,' 'mm entire process of using sanitary napkin,' 'mm sexiness in bed,' 'mm pretty picture,' 'mm sexy breasts,' 'mm sexy,' 'mm pictures,' 'mm pretty breasts' and 'mm changing clothes.' 

Baidu image search results for 'mm'.

Chinese Internet celebrities such as keso and William Long point out that CCTV's attack against is designed to justify the notorious Green Dam software as well as benefiting Baidu which had paid 40 million RMB to sponsor CCTV's <Spring Festival Gala> ...


Our question is that if also ends up donating money to CCTV eventually, then this is blackmail/extortion.  But who in China dares to discuss the law with CCTV?

This afternoon, sharp-eyed netizens noted from the Xiaonei website that the so-called righteous university student Gao Ye interviewed by CCTV was actually a worker from CCTV's <Focus Interview> program!  [On the show, Gao Ye spoke about a fellow student who became absent-minded after viewing some pornography on the Internet.]

Here are the netizen condemnations over at Gao Ye's blog.

- It does not matter how much you emphasize that you did not mean what you said on tv, you must sooner or later be held responsible for fooling the people.
- You are going to be held responsible sooner or later.
- I only want to ask what happened to your absent-minded friend.  Has he installed Green Dam?  Is he no longer absent-minded after installing Green Dam?
- I came here purely to watch.
- What didn't you speak of Baidu?
- The dedicated successor of a totalitarian regime.

- So you were on <Focus Interview>!
- He he, that's it! 
- So you are a <Focus Interview> insider.  So <Focus Interview> interviews their own worker who pretends to be a university student ... "fifty-cent gang" ... you are one of the legendary fifty-cent gang member.
- Pure fifty-cent gang member ...
- I watched <Focus Interview> and I listened to your righteous enumeration of the crimes of  I got curious and I visited  I ended up being unable to sleep all night.
- Lying in front of the entire Chinese people.  Disgusting!
- Virgin???
- Fifty-cent gang member.
- You are red-hot popular now.  Do you feel absent-minded?
- Don't do that again.  It is not right.
- I am sorry.  I only came here to watch.
- Yes, you have really gotten your absent-minded friend in trouble.
- You are really unethical.  Every filthy-minded Chinese man knows that your buddy is absent-minded!

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Q1. Which of the following communication media do you usually access to obtain news about society, current affairs or finance most often?  (Multiple choices allowed)
82.1%: Television
66.7%: Newspaper
40.1%: Internet
25.8%: Radio
13.0%: Magazine
  0.5%: Don't know/how to say

Q2. If 0 means "completely not trustworthy" and 10 means "very trustworthy," how would you rate the trustworthiness of the following media for news about society, current affairs or finance?
7.16: Television
7.07: Radio
5.93: Newspaper
5.81: Internet

Q3. Overall, do you feel that the Hong Kong media is adequate for ...?

Finance news
- 6.9% inadequate/very inadequate
- 36.9% okay/so-so
- 48.0%: adequate/very adequate

Mainland Chinese news
- 40.2% inadequate/very inadequate
- 29.4% okay/so-so
- 21.8%: adequate/very adequate

International news
- 23.6% inadequate/very inadequate
- 29.1% okay/so-so
- 42.6% adequate/very adequate

Q4. Which of the following area should the Hong Kong media improve their news coverage the most?
27.3%: Mainland news
26.7%: International news
20.7%: Local social developments
  9.6%: Local political developments
  4.0%: Local financial developments
  3.5%: Other issues
  8.2%: Don't know/hard to say

Q6A.  Do you think that there is enough freedom of press for the Hong Kong media?
13.0%: Not enough/very not enough
19.4%: Okay/so-so
64.9%: Enough/Very much enough
  2.7%: Don't know/hard to say

Q6B. Compared to developed countries (such as those in Europe and America), do you think that the Hong Kong media enjoy more, less or the same freedom of press?
17.6%: Less
49.5%: About the same
26.0%: More
  6.9%: Don't know/hard to say

Who is Li Peigang?  He is a doctor who received heavy-duty coverage by CCTV.  He is someone claims to be able to make paralyzed stand up on their feet simply through hand manipulation.

After the program <Face to Face> was aired on June 13, Li Peigang has become a celebrity.  Many paralyzed patients and their families saw glimmers of hope and they are trying to contact this "miracle-working doctor."  Any telephone number that is conceivably connected to Li Peigang has been flooded with calls.

At the same, voices of doubt have also become louder.  Is there any scientific basis for this self-proclaimed western medical doctor who uses Chinese massage techniques to heal paralyzed persons?  Netizens who practice medicine or are knowledgeable are discussing.  Is he man or god?   There is no answer yet, but there are some doubts.

... Netizens wondered that since Li Peigang has never attended medical school, he has no academic credentials and does not even know how to look up a dictionary, how can he be a teaching professor?  According the published information, Li Peigang is the director of the Bone Injury Research Institute at the Number 2 Hospital in Tangshan.  But all the telephone numbers published on the Internet for this institute are not working.  When the reporter called telephone directory assistance for the number of the Bone Injury Research Institute, the receptionist said: "Are you looking for Li Peigang?  The relevant departments have investigated and this institute does not exist.  Li Peigang is not practicing in Tangshan.  We recommend that you call the CCTV program group."  The Tangshan Number Two Hospital said that there is no such research institute there and they don't know who Li Peigang is.

(Southern Metropolis Daily)

With respect to the miracle-working ability of Li Peigang, one netizen said that he will become a believer if Li Peigang can cure the athlete Sang Lan.

Sang Lan was injured during a gymnastic competition in 1998.  The spinal cord was broken between the sixth and seventh spinal cord, and she is paralyzed from that  point downwards.  Many of her friends called her after watching <Face to Face> on CCTV.

Yesterday Sang Lan came out with a blog post titled: "CCTV <Face to Face>, how can I say that I love you?"  Sang Lan had been paralyzed for 11 years.  Her illness has made her an expert in paralysis.  She said that there are different types of paralysis, which the program did not differentiate.  It is misleading to lump everything into paralysis.  In the case of San Lan, she had a spinal cord severance.  "Healing requires the restoration/rejuvenation of the central nervous system ... no amount of massage can restore the nerves."  There are other types of injuries in which the damage is not total and can be repaired by surgery and rehabilitation.

"Neither total nor partial spinal cord damage can be healed solely via massage.  Total spinal cord damage is even regarded as 'cancer' because there is no way to overcome it at present."  Sang said that she has been injured 11 years ago.  "To date, there has been no progress.  In fact, things have gotten worse since as muscular atrophy is still present."

"Therefore, I reject all 'miracle doctors.'  She said that any number of 'miracle doctors' come to see her each year.  But they all leave disappointed.  Why?  Because they couldn't heal her.

Finally Sang Lan asked these "miracle doctors" to spare the patients with false hopes.

Yesterday, a news report caused a stir on the Internet.  In Xigang village, Xushui town, Zhengzhou city, Henan province, a real estate developer had permission to built economic housing.  Instead, 12 villas and two mid-rise buildings were erected instead.  When the reporter went to investigate, the urban planning department vice director asked him: "Will you speak for the Party?  Or will you speak for the people?"

This news report was cross-posted by netizens.  Within a single day, the Google/Baidu search results number 1,150,000 already.  Many netizens are pushing "Are you going to speak for the Party or the people?" as a popular saying of 2009, and to name the vice director as "The official who dares the most to speak the truth during 2009."

(China National Radio)

Mr. Song is a resident of Xigang village, Xushi town.  In 2004, the Zhengzhou city government assigned 41.761 mu of village land for the Henan Tianyong Real Estate Development Company to build economic housing.  Indeed, the land use permit stipulates "economic housing."  Several years have elapsed and the Henan Tianyong Company has constructed 12 villas and two mid-rise buildings there.  Mr. Song said: "The mid-rise buildings are more than 200 square meters in area while the villas are more than 300 square meters in area.  Construction is now completed.  The units are not being sold publicly.  Instead it is a black box operation.  The price is more than 4,000 RMB per square meter.  He is going to make 100 million RMB, which is twice as much as he would make if he had build economic housing."

Mr. Song has reported the situation to the relevant government departments.  He said that many departments were interested, but the Zhengzhou city urban planning department was very cool.  So the reporter went to visit the Zhengzhou city urban planning department while bringing the material prepared by Mr. Song.

When the reporter got there, he was told that even though this was a petition day, nobody was there.  A worker said, "If you have business, you should go to the Information Office.  Alright?  The petition is not for outsiders.  Our department requires that all news gathering be handled by the Information Office.  Alright?"

So the the reporter called the Information Office and was told that everybody is out of the office.  After more travails, the reporter eventually came to the office of Lu Jun, the vice-director in charge of petitions.  When Lu Jun saw the name of Mr. Song on the petition material, he immediately asked to inspect the recording equipment used by the reporter.  After pulling off the microphone, his first words were: "What is your radio network minding such a trivial matter?"

When the reporter asked him to comment on the petition materials, this vice director posed a question instead.  He said: "Are you prepared to speak for the Party?  Or are you prepared to speak for the common folks?"  The reporter found it hard to understand, because everybody knows that the media are the mouthpiece of the Party and the government, which are there to serve the people.  As such, the interests of the Party and the people are identical.  So why does this vice director think that the Party and the people are on opposite sides?  When the reporter asked him for additional explanation on what he just said, the vice director said: "I don't know about this case.  This is the first time that I met you, and it is the first time that I heard about this case.  Let me figure this out first.  I can turn this case over the relevant department to handle."

So vice director Lu Jun took out a pen and wrote down: "The petition office please handle" at the spot which already has the seal of the Zhengzhou city urban planning department petition office.

Mr. Song said that the villagers had given up the land to help needy people to get low-cost housing.  But things have turned out differently and they will pursue this matter.  "The government policy is supposed to benefit people.  But the people did not get any benefits.  Instead, the real estate developer is getting rich.  The people and the nation both suffer losses.  We the villagers are determined to pursue this to the very end, and make sure that the houseless people in Zhengzhou will benefit.  We will not stop until we reach this goal."

(  Here is the biography of vice director Lu Jun.

(Cat898 Forum)  This photo was promptly spotted by a netizen as a PhotoShop on the photo of some more prominent person (see  Lu Jun may now be a lot bigger trouble than before.

achieved via  

Here is the real Lu Jun at a conference.

Update (  An official of the Zhengzhou city Communist Party Organization Department said that "Lu Jun was speaking for himself.  Therefore, he is only representing himself.  The Party Organization Department cannot control him.  China guarantees freedom of speech."  It was pointed out by netizens that Lu Jun was interviewed by a China National Radio reporter in his capacity as the Zhengzhou city Urban Planning Department vice director, so how can he be speaking as a private citizen?  If that were true, then why should anyone listen to anything any official says (because it would only be personal opinion)?

CCTV promotional commercial

SET promotional commercial for Liao Hsiao-chun

Here are the comparisons of the still screen captures.

On the day before yesterday, the second Guangdong ceremony to release fish, shrimps and turtles took place at the Fumen Ocean Museum on Dongmen beach.  When the fish and shrimps were put into sea water, they quickly swam towards the deep ocean waters.  But there was one small sea turtle which could not figure out which way to go.  Each time it was taken to several dozen meters into the ocean and released, it turned around immediately and turned back to land.  When it hit the beach, it wandered around aimlessly.  After several failures, the worker scrutinized the turtle carefully and found that it was normal except for a scratch on one leg.  "Maybe it wants people to treat the leg before it leaves?"  The workers speculated.  So they tried to throw the turtle into deeper waters.  This time, the little turtle vanished from the sight of the spectators.

Netizen comments:

Hotdog_yim: From the text, the author is treating this as a delightful event.  But for turtle lovers, this is a tragedy.  The turtle is a Burmese land turtle.  The appearance is beautiful and elegant.  But land turtles cannot swim.  When they are bred, the water level must be lower than its nose or else it will catch pneumonia!  This land turtle was probably abandoned or released by certain superstitious people.  If you put them into the ocean a few times and it keeps coming back, you should let it be.  It knows what to do in order to stay alive.  It knows that water is bad for it.  Before you release any animal, please study the nature of the animal carefully, or else you are committing murder.  Please do not suppose that all turtles can swim.  Not all humans can swim!

killua2974029: Boss, this is just a Burmese land turtle.  Please spare its life! ...

sjwsfs205: This land turtle must be cursing the guy's mother.

Reporter: How are you feeling now?
Deng Yujiao: (nods her head)  Okay.

Reporter: Are you satisfied with the trial result?
Deng Yujiao:  Hmmm, I am satisfied.

Reporter: Did you expect the result today?
Deng Yujiao: (brief pause)  Somewhat unexpected.

Reporter: What was your expected result?
Grandfather: She is a young child who knows nothing about the law.  She was not thinking about any result.

Reporter: Are you still taking medicine everyday?
Deng Yujiao: Yes.
Aunt: She is taking anti-depression and sleeping medicine.

Reporter: Do you feel more relaxed now?
Deng Yujiao: Yes.

Reporter: What do plan to do next?
Deng Yujiao: I want to get a job and live well.

Reporter: What did the family expect the trial result to be?
Grandfather: Our family is happy with the result, but it was somewhat unexpected for us.
Mother: The verdict was fair.
Aunt: Quite unexpected, quite happy.  We thank the government, we thank society.

Reporter: Before the trail, what verdict did you expect?  What was your worst scenario?
Mother: The family members were thinking about a probationary sentence.
Aunt: I get on the Internet frequently and I know that the majority of netizens support us.  But Internet opinion does not represent the law, and our initial expectations could not be so optimistic.
Grandfather: First, we must thank that good kind people, including the netizens and the media, for caring, helping and supporting Deng Yujiao.  We also thank our lawyers Wang Xiaopeng and Liu Gang for their hard work to defend the legal rights of Deng Yujiao.

Reporter: Do you feel that the Internet and public opinion had some impact on the case?
Grandfather: After the incident took place, the public security bureau gathered the evidence.  That is to say, they had evidence of the crime committed by my granddaughter, but they also had information that could reduce the penalty.  When the procuratorate filed to prosecute, they also based their decision on the basis of facts and law.  They upheld the dignity of the law and showed humanity.  I believe that the verdict today showed unbiasedness, objectivity and fairness.  They upheld the dignity of the law but also dealt leniently with my granddaughter based upon the objective circumstances and gave her a chance.  We are very satisfied.  I must emphasize that my granddaughter was defending her own rights and avoiding unlawful harm.  In so doing, she stabbed one person to death and caused injury to another person.  This has caused irreparable harm and loss to these persons and their family members.  Our entire family has profound regret and sorrow.

Reporter: The verdict today accepts that the psychiatric assessment that Deng Yujiao has "mental impairment" and thus "has only partial criminal responsibility."  What do you think about that assessment?
Grandfather: We feel that this assessment is appropriate.  Previously, my granddaughter had a history of not being able to sleep for two or three years, and this caused her to become mentally unstable.  She argued with her mother frequently and she was taking medication for a long time.  The evaluation was done by authoritative departments in Hubei province and Wuhan city.  We believe the result is fair and objective.

Reporter: The case has one aspect that puzzles the world.  It was said taht Deng Yujiao was sexually assaulted in the bathing area.  We want to know what the true facts are.
Grandfather: I can say definitively that there was no sexual assault.  In the bathing area, they grabbed my granddaughter and she fought back.  That happened.  But there was not concrete action.  I was also perplexed by this issue.  I have seen several bulletins.  The description of the details in the first, second and third bulletins were dissimilar.  I went to see my granddaughter in the detention center.  I said, "You must tell me the truth.  What exactly happened at the time?"  My granddaughter surely told me the truth.  She said that the man grabbed her in the bathing area and she had fought back.  But there was no sexual assault as reported outside.  I ask you to remember that there were seven or eight persons present at the scene.  How can that sort of thing happen with so many persons present?  I asked her whether she had been "pressed down" or "shoved down."  She said that it was more like "shoved down" onto the sofa.  When I saw my granddaughter, I told her that it was not enough to turn yourself in.  You have not surrendered yourself unless you also tell the truth.  Therefore, you must not lie.  You must tell the truth.  Later I found out that the first bulletin came from the public security bureau, the second bulletin was the report from the public security bureau and the third bulletin was prepared by the government.  The wording of the government is obviously different from that of the public security bureau, but this may be how the outside speculation came about.
Aunt: Our understanding was that there was the intention to commit sexual assault, but it did not actually happen.

Reporter: Is that why the former lawyers were dismissed?
Grandfather: The family was not satisfied with some aspects about the originally hired lawyers.  After they met with my granddaughter, some of their actions were incomprehensible to us.  Their unauthorized disclosure of case details was against the regulations.  We even suspected that they were hyping up the case, so we dismissed them.

Reporter: What kind of impact has the case had on Deng Yujiao and her family?
Grandfather: There has definitely been a lot of negative impact.  Today, the family feels better now.  I only want to take a good rest now.  After the incident occurred, my granddaughter was treated well.  She was never handcuffed.  She was sent from Yesanguan to Enshi Hospital to the Badong detention center without being handcuffed.  She was treated well.  At the detention center, the guards gave her honey water because she was ill.  They kept her spirits up.  The county party committee even sent the People's Congress vice director and the Political Consultative Conference vice director to watch over her.  When she was bailed out to stay at home, the County Women's Association chairwoman and several workers kept her company around the clock.

Reporter: What does Deng Yujiao plan to do?
Grandfather: The first thing is to cure her illness.  After she is healed, she can get a good job.  She cannot go back to those "rotten vulgar" places again.  She must stay faraway from that.  This incident is a good lesson for her to learn about certain things.  The  county and town governments and party committee are concerned about her work, and they plan to find her a relatively steady position.  This is under consideration now.

(  The above photos were taken by a Nankang city resident who posted them onto the Internet.  Subsequently, these photos were used by various news websites as news photos.  These websites included,, Zhejiang Online,, Chongqing News,,, etc.  The netizen is rumored to have been taken away in the middle of the night for interrogation, even as the websites never paid any royalties for the use of the photos.

Link: Police clash in Nankang, Jiangxi  Danwei

Over the past two days, a photo in a forum post titled <Ignorant university students molest heroine of Japanese resistance> drew the anger of Chinese netizens.  In the photo, there is a red female figure who had her hands chained over her head and a iron chain around her neck.  Then three young men are shown in the picture.  The man on the left was yanking the chair around the neck.  The other two men are fondling her breasts and her vagina respectively.  Human flesh search has so far determined that the female figure is that of Zhao Yiman who was executed by the Japanese in 1936 while still singing "The Song of the Red Flag" and chanting "Down with the Japanese imperialists" and "Long Live the Chinese Communist Party!"

Based upon the clothing on the men in the photo, the time should be in the winter.  But its recent public posting has generated plenty of comments.  At one forum, 1,500 comments were made in a few days.  On June 13, this post appeared at and drew more than 400,000 pageviews and more than 5,000 comments.  Netizens usually have different positions and opinions on different things.  But this post seems to be drawing a one-sided condemnation of the indecent behavior.

- Whose children are these?  They should be hung up and wait for their parents to fetch them.
- One problem -- bad upbringing; two mistakes -- it is morally wrong to molest women and it is ignorant to insult heroes; three animals -- brain dead, epileptic, idiotic!
- Ignorant! Shameless!  May these young men reflect on what they have done!  Apologize!  Haven't you studied history?  Do you know the history of the heroes?
- Respected martyrs of the revolution!  You make your sacrifices and what you get today is this cruel reality.  So sad, so truly sad!
- It is time to re-think our education.  They may not know that it was Zhao Yiman, but they not have posed this way for any woman.
- Children, history and heroes are not to be trifled with.  Perhaps your parents have never taught you.  But please list of everybody's advice.  It is good for you.
- I couldn't bear to watch this torture of Zhao Yiman.  Crying is not enough.  After seeing what these three students did, I feel sorry for our martyr forebears and our society!  Why do we get these kinds of students from our educational system?
- They should know who it was.  Wasn't it obvious from the situation?  Even if they didn't know who she is, they are still vermin!  One of them was yanking the chain!  She was being tortured!  No matter how you look at it, they are too shameless to describe!
- This sort of thing chills our hearts.  Society bears responsibility, the parents bear responsibility, the teachers bear responsibility and these three people bear even greater responsibility!  Everyone had better reflect deeply!

The developer of a porn-filtering software has been ordered to rush software patches to address security problems which have cropped up.

"The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology told us to make the software safer as soon a series of security vulnerabilities were found," Zhang Chenmin, general manager of the Zhengzhou-based Jinhui Computer System Engineering Co, told China Daily Sunday.

The firm developed the Green Dam-Youth Escort porn-filtering software, which will have to be installed on all computers sold in the country from July 1. The software has been downloaded 7.17 million times from the company's website up to last month, and 2.62 million computers in schools across the country have installed it.

Zhang admitted that hackers could attack Internet users through the software due to systemic flaws, "just like any other software of this type".  "We are specialists in producing Internet filtering software rather than security." The company's programmers are working non-stop in collaboration with domestic anti-virus program experts, such as Ruixing, to develop software patches that can be downloaded for free, Zhang said.

... Zhang did not want to comment on the blacklisted terms as the list was provided by Beijing Dazheng Human Language Technology Academy Co, the co-developer of the software. The latter, which is responsible for the text filtering function, could not be reached Sunday.

The Halderman report also said that a number of pornographic URL addresses that Green Dam blacklisted were taken from the CyberSitter program developed by California-based Solid Oak Software. Soon after the report was published, the California company claimed Green Dam contains stolen programming code, AP reported.

"I cannot deny that the two filters' databases of blacklisted URL addresses might share similarities. After all, they are all well known international pornographic websites that all porn-filters are meant to block," Zhang said. "But we didn't steal their programming code."

Zhang expressed anger at Halderman's report. "It is not responsible to crack somebody's software and publish the details, which are commercial secrets, on the Internet. They (the professors) have infringed the copyright of our product. "I think the negative comments and attacks on Green Dam are intentional," Zhang said, adding his company plans to take legal action against the professors.

More than four in five netizens said they will not use the Green Dam software or will have it uninstalled, according to online surveys conducted by,, and, China's most popular web portals.

First, about the list of banned URL's in the first line of defense.  The project called Green Dam Youth Escort is designed to protect minors from harmful information.  What kinds of information are harmful?  In the western world, it would be sex and violence.  In China, politics may be added.  So how do you get a list of harmful URL's?  The Chinese know all about the list of harmful political URL's, but they don't know about much about the list of harmful sex-violence URL's.  By definition, the sex-violence URL's must be registered/located outside of mainland China because they are banned in China.  Where would Green Dam get such a list?  Apparently, one solution is to steal it from someone who has such a list.

(PC Magazine)  China's Filtering Software Contains Pirated Code

Solid Oak Software ... chief executive Brian Milburn said ... the Green Dam code uses DLLs identified with the CyberSitter name, and even makes calls back to Solid Oak's servers for updates.

... Milburn ... said that he had received an anonymous email sent to a broadcast address at the site Friday morning alerting the company that Green Dam was using Solid Oak code. He dismissed it, thinking it was a hoax. But another employee researched it and found that the allegation was indeed true, and that both URLs and other Solid Oak code, including DLL files, were part of Green Dam.

... This isn't the first time Solid Oak's code has been stolen, Milburn said. In the late 1990s, hackers reverse-engineered CyberSitter, which prevents underage children from accessing pornography or other adult content, to allow users to access such content.

The hackers, as well as other detractors, have previously accused Solid Oak and CyberSitter of censoring the Internet. "That's why we don't want to be associated with it," Milburn said of Green Dam. Moreover, potentially millions of Chinese PC users could hit Solid Oak's servers for updates, causing them huge fees for the additional bandwidth costs the company would be charged for.

One obvious solution to the problem would be to block access to China, a move that would also cut off a number of American schools in China, including missionary schools, that use the software as a legitimate means of preventing children from accessing the adult content. Some organizations with satellite offices in Singapore, Korea, or other South Asian countries might also be affected. "They're using it legitimately, and we don't want to turn off the entire continent," Milburn said.

Western internet filtering software companies such as CYBERsitter, Cyber Patrol, Net Nanny, BESS, X-Stop, SmartFilter and SafeSurf compile their databases of harmful URL's partly through their own reviews but mostly through user feedback.  Because the Chinese government or Chinese companies do not have anything like user feedback, they don't have extensive databases themselves.

As a curiosity aside, when the Green Dam story first broke, a Chinese netizen noted gleefully that it would be a windfall if that list of harmful URL's could be cracked open because that would mean thousands of websites to visit (after uninstalling Green Dam, of course).

On the second line of defense, the first weapon is text filtering.  The dictionaries have been decoded (A technical analysis of the Chinese 'Green Dam Youth-Escort' censorship software via Wikileaks):
- Sex-violence related items
- Politics related items

If this list is applied mechanically, it will create any number of Green Dam jokes.  For example, an elementary school student is given a arithmetic test: What is 43 + 26?  The correct response may be automatically banned. See also Oddities in the Green Dam filtered words list  Joel Martinsen, Danwei.

On the second line of defense, the second weapon is picture filtering.  According to A technical analysis of the Chinese 'Green Dam Youth-Escort' censorship software via Wikileaks:

The process of image detection begins when visual data is obtaining as the image is in queue to be screened, first normalizing the image's size, then separating areas of skin tone from those without skin tone; analysis of the relationship between areas of skin tone is followed by removal of noises, then extraction of the area's characteristics, which are then input into a trained SVM classifier. Once the image has been deemed pornographic it is sent to a human face detector; if a human face is not the primary component, the image is then classified as pornography. The main problem with this algorithm is that recognition of pornographic images relies heavily on skin color and shape, and the final use of a human face detector in a weighted judgment is only a manual patch aimed at preventing the problematic occurrence of large faces being identified as pornography, but also the reliability of empirical weighting lacks verification.

From XFImage.xml it can be observed that Green Dam uses OpenCV's Haar classifier in undergoing human face detection. Included with Green Dam, cximage.dll, CImage.dll, xcore.dll and Xcv.dll, also library files from OpenCV. This all suggests that Green Dam primarily uses OpenCV to process images. However, as is done with much of domestic Chinese software, Green Dam has disregarded OpenCV's BSD license.

A less technical analysis is given in the purportedly internal documents supplied during the bidding process.  You can actually see how the intermediary results in the nudity-detection process.  Here are some test results:

The above are three sets of examples of correct judgments.

The above is a set of examples of incorrect judgments.

In practice, other users have found many seemingly innocuous photos being filtered out.  Jason Ng ( recorded the headshot of another user Frank Xu:

and Twitter icons such as:

Finally, on the second line of defense, the third type of enemies are harmful videos.  Green Dam does nothing PERIOD.  Videos must be stopped on the first line of defense.

At 730am, smoke was already rising out of the number 9 bus.  A worker from the Chengdu Zoo chased the bus on her electric bicycle for two kilometers to tell the bus driver to call the fire department, but was told not to be a "stupid child" ... After the June 5 bus fire, a person named Li Lijun revealed these sensationalistic deatils to the press.  She claimed to have reminded the bus driver many times that some was rising out of the bus before the conflagration broke out.  This story was at variance with the official statement from the Chengdu government and the other news reports.  This reporter went and investigated the case.

On June 5, Li Lijun told the media that she was a "worker at the Chengdu Zoo."  She claimed that her supervisor told her to "take a paid vacation for a few days" after the incident.  On June 12, Chengdu Zoo director Wang Qiang was interviewed by this reporter and he was angry.  "Many people have asked me about this person in recent days, but I don't know this person!"  Wang Qiang said that the Zoo made a search for this person after she became a news figure, but there was no such peson at the Zoo.

The Zoo's Operational Division deputy director Zheng Guanyu told the reporter that they searched among all regular employees as well as temporary workers.  "It is confirmed that Li Lijun is not neither a regular nor a temporary worker with us."  She explained that the temporary workers at Chinese zoos are required to have ID passes with their names and photos on file.  They have not been able to find any Li Lijun after reviewing the files several times.

From the Chengdu police, the reporter learned that Li Lijun is a temporary resident awaiting employment.

On June 5, Li Lijun was interviewed by a Hunan newspaper and said, "At around 730am, I saw that bus near the Army General Hospital.  I saw smoke coming out of the bus.  So I yelled, "Stop the bus.  Smoke is coming out.""  But the driver Luo Pei on the number 9 bus categorically denied this assertion because he clearly remembered that the bus got out of the deput at 7:41.

Luo Pei told the reporter that the number 9 bus started from Tianhui Town.  "At 7:38am, I began to let passengers on.  The bus left the depot at 7:41am.  How is possible for the bus to show up at the road by the the Army General Hospital at 7:30am?"  He said that there are six stops from Tianhui town to the Army General Hospital.  There were six stops (including the starting point).  It must be at least 7:50am by the time it got to that spot.  "Also, nobody called out for the bus to stop.  If someone told me that the smoke was coming out, could I fail not to stop and check it out?"

The driver in the number 403 bus was right behind the number 9 bus.  He said that he did not see any smoke until several seconds before the number 9 caught fire.

The reporter checked the number 9 bus activity log.  It left the depot at 7:41am.

In the same reporter, Li Lijun told the Hunan reporter: "I rode my electric bicycle and chased it for more than two kilometers.  When we got near the zoo, a young man used his electric bicycle to block the bus and made it stop.  Then the driver cursed us, "Mind your own business, you stupid children!""

"Nobody stopped the bus!  I did not curse anyone out!"  Luo Pei said emotionally.  He said that the bus caught fire near the bridge, which was more than 3.2 kilometers from the Army General Hospital and not the 2 kilometers claimed by Li Lijun.

More importantly, Li Lijun said that "I called the fire department (119) immediately and I told them that the vehicle was on fire.  The people at 119 began to curse me."  After this was reported, it drew a strong response as many netizens had questions about 119.

On June 13, the reporter finally located Li Lijun.  When asked whether 119 cursed her out, Li Lijun was evasive at first but finally admitted that she had never called 119 herself and she heard from others that 119 cursed a caller out.

The news report said, "The number 9 bus driver got on a small car and left.  I did not see him help put the fire out."

Luo Pei told the reporter that he jumped out of the car and smashed the windows with this hands and rocks in order to help the passengers escape.  As a result, he sustained burn injuries of his right hand and his forehead.  When the fire got too heavy, he retreated to the roadside.  The Chengdu police took him away in a marked police car for interrogation at around 9am.

This was confirmed by taxi driver Zeng Jianhua, who was trying to save people at the scene.  He had observed a person wearing the blue short-sleeve uniform of bus drivers trying to pull people out several meters to his left.

Here is a partial transcript of the interview with Li Lijun on June 13.

Q: What did you see on June 5, 2009.
A: I came out of my younger sister's home and I saw the bus caught fire.

Q: Can you please describe what happened on June 5?
A: On June 5, 2009, I went by bicycle at around 7am to my younger sister's place near the bridge to borrow money from her ... I got there around 7:30am and she gave me the money.  Then I left on my bicycle.

Q: When you first saw the bus, was it on fire?
A: The bus was already burned down to a skeleton.

Q: When you first saw the bus, where was its location.
A: When I saw the bus, it was almost at the end of the bridge exit (note: this was the eventual stopping point of the bus).

Q: Did you call the police on June 5?
A: I did not call the police.  I only saw other people calling the police.  I did not call 110, 119 nor 120.

Q: What is what you said today different what you told the reporters on June 5?
A: I fainted because I was scared by what I saw at the scene that day when I was interviewed.  After a while, some kindhearted person gave me some mineral water to revive me.  When the reporter interviewed me, I was still dizzy and therefore I misspoke.  I am telling you today what I actually saw on June 5, 2009.

So now the truth is out.  During the interview, the reporter was shocked by the contradictions between what Li Liqun said before and what she is saying now.  The reporter was sorry that for the bus driver, Chengdu 119 and other persons/units.  At the same time, the "inaccurate things" that Li Liqun said as a result of being "scared" interfered seriously with the investigative work of the June 5 bus fire incident.  At a time when information can be quickly disseminated, we citizens should have a high sense of responsibility about what we say, for the sake of ourselves, others, society and nation.

Yunnan province publicity department deputy director Wu Hao told the Beijing News reporter that the current results from the investigations showed that the whole case was the result of media hyping that went past the bottom line of social morality.  The two Yunnan local media that reported on the case have made public apologies.

Yesterday, Zhang Anfen is currently out on bail.  The Beijing News reporter interviewed her.

Q: Have you always cohabitated with Liu Shihua?
A: I have lived with Li Shihua for many years.  We have a son and a daughter.  We do not have a marriage certificate because I have not divorced my husband.  When Liu Shihua went to jail nine years, his wife left him.  Their daughter "Chen Yan" (that is a nickname for the 17-year-old) was unsupervised and became wild.  She used rented rooms in the Wangjiaqiao to prostitute herself.  Liu Shihua tried to stop her, including beating her until she was down on her knees many times, but had no success.

Q: On the evening of June 9, the Yunnan public security bureau bulletin said that you and Liu Shihua persuaded "Chen Yan" to become a prostitute and you used your rented room as her place of operation.
A: I did not persuade "Chen Yan" to prostitute herself and I did not profit.  I only kept the money for her.  Before March 16 when "Chen Yan" lived with us, she was a prostitute for one or two months.

Q: In the third police bulletin, it was said that on the evening of March 16, you let "Chen Yan" and your eldest daughter exchange clothes in order to get the patrol members to arrest the wrong person.  Is that true?
A: On that evening, "Chen Yan" brought a thirty-something-year-old man wearing a white shirt back home.  When they spotted the patrol team members outside, they did not do it (note: meaning engage in sexual intercourse).  Afterwards, my two daughters wanted to go out and get barbeque food.  The man wanted to leave too.  So I let "Chen Yan" and my daughter exchange clothes.  When my daughter went outside, she was arrested by the patrol team members.  "Chen Yan" was not arrested.  I let "Chen Yan" exchange clothes with my daughter because I don't want them to arrest her.  Previously "Chen Yan" had been arrested for prostitution before and she was fined 1,300 RMB.

Q: On March 19, you took your two daughters to the Kunning Legal Hospital for medical examination.  What were the results?
A: After the medical exams, the doctor said that my elder daughter was not a virgin.  I was stunned by the result.  I immediately questioned my elder daughter.  She said that she had once fallen from the bike.  She had not engage in prostitute.  In order to restore the good names of my two daughters, I let my younger daughter go back to the hospital for another examination under the name of my elder daughter.

Q: What were you thinking about when you did this?
A: My own two daughters really did not engage in prostitution.  I wanted to get my elder daughter certified as a virgin in order to give them good names so that they won't be laughed at.

Q: Liu Shihua, Pu Enfu and you said during media interviews that on the evening of March 16, you were beaten down on your knees by the patrol team members.  What happened that evening?
A: That evening, Liu Shihua was beaten by the patrol team members outside the house.  When we got down to the police station, we were interrogated separately.  When we walked out of the police station, I saw that Liu Shihua was limping.  I asked him what happened.  He said that the police made him take off his clothes and shoes and then they hit with batons and stomped on him with their feet.

In addition, this reporter has learned that the <Yunnan Information News> reporter named Ma who wrote the article titlted <The investigation of the elementary school female 'prostitutes'> has gone on 'vacation' whose period lasts 40 days.  Two other reporters are also on 'vacation' too.

(A Yi's blog at

The prim and popular younger sister Fang Jing wanted to obtain military intelligence to leak to the outside and therefore applied to become the host to <Defense Watch>.  She was arrested on the night of May 12.  So I figured that Zhang Yu will be secure as the top host on <Focus Interview>.  It is a shame for Fang Jing.  It is not easy to become a news host, but she has no future now.

(China Daily via anchor suspected of spying for Taiwan.

A veteran anchor with China Central Television (CCTV) is under suspicion of spying, sources revealed Thursday. Fang Jing, the 38-year-old face of CCTV's prime-time military program Defense Watch, is being investigated for possibly spying for Taiwan, colleagues told China Daily. The security authorities have neither confirmed nor denied the reports.

Fang, a Beijing native with a postgraduate degree, started hosting the program in 2006. Her last on-air appearance was on the Sunday edition on March 1 when she hosted an episode about India's military strength featuring Rear Admiral Zhang Zhaozhong, a military expert at the National Defense University. Fang's segments often touch upon regional military topics and she compares China's military capacity with foreign powers, often with the help of specialists from the People's Liberation Army.

Zhang, who has been a frequent guest on the show, told China Daily Thursday night that Fang's case is "still under investigation" and "no conclusion has been reached so far". "She has not been jailed as is being rumored," Zhang said. "But she is not hosting the program anymore, because she is currently being investigated." He confirmed that Fang quit after the March 1 edition. Sources with CCTV also confirmed Thursday that Fang had been "taken away for a possible spy probe". She was rumored to have been seduced by a man from Taiwan who was "eight years younger than her" and to have received money from him, the sources said.

Fang had been member of the all-star line-up at some of the largest live broadcasts in CCTV history, including the three-day live coverage of the return of Hong Kong to the mainland in 1997 and live coverage of the millennium celebrations. She started working for CCTV in 1994 after graduating from China's top school for broadcast journalists and spent four months at Harvard University in Boston as a visiting scholar.

A Yi, another CCTV anchor, speculated on his blog on Tuesday that Fang, who had hosted prime-time news features and news bulletins, wanted to host the military weekly program "for the purpose of collecting military intelligence for sources outside".

An online forum about Fang Thursday night was filled with emotional posts, with many fans expressing shock and outrage. "It can't be that such an outstanding woman has been turned against the mainland," a viewer said on condition of anonymity.  "But if it's true, it is quite worrisome because she could have learned a lot through her job."


At 22:43 of June 11, Fang Jing started a blog to clarify this matter and rebut Ah Yi.  Phoenix TV contacted Fang Jing immediately on the morning of June 12 and obtained an exclusive interview.  Fang Jing said that Ah Yi made it all up with lies, and she intends to seek legal redress.

Fang Jing's blog post: "Recently a certain person wrote publicly in his blog to libel me maliciously.  I am deeply shocked and angered.  I hereby state: the contents of that essay were fictional and I will use legal means to defend my legal rights!"

Fang Jing said that she was told about this matter by friends at around noon on June 11.  After she heard the news, she checked out A Yi's blog.  "When I saw the content, I was very angry because this is pure fabricated libel."  Fang Jing told our reporter confidently that she will seek legal redress because "he has broken the law."  At the same time, Fang Jing said "I have not done anything wrong and I am afraid of nothing."  She said that she can understand how the public is shocked and suspicious.

Has she attempted to contact A Yi?  Fang Jing said firmly: "No.  I don't know this person.  I have never spoken to him before."

When Fang Jing's Spy Gate came out, netizens were suspicious because she had not appeared on air for some time and it is not known if she will ever host again at CCTV.  Fang Jing said: "I was just down at the office yesterday.  I am still getting paid, which proves that I am still a CCTV employee."  Fang Jing promised that she will be back but she did not provide a specific time.  She declined to answer whether there are family problems or health issues or why she had not worked since May 12.

As for the program <Defense Watch>, Fang Jing said that she did not want to do it.  She avoided doing the program for six months until she finally had to do it.  Fang Jing said that she does not like military affairs and has no deep understanding.

(China Daily)  Fang Jing denied suspected spying   By Cui Xiaohua.  June 12, 2009.

CCTV prime-time anchor Fang Jing on Friday denied rumors about spying, saying she has "never been questioned by any department on any issue whatsoever".

Contacted by China Daily Friday morning, the 38-year-old face of China Central Television's prime-time military program Defense Watch said the speculations by guest speakers and some CCTV staff are "not true".

"No personnel from any department has questioned me on any issue whatsoever," Fang told China Daily on the phone, adding that her absence from the program since March was "not related to any spying investigation".

Sources who work with Fang closely said on Thursday Fang was under suspicion for "spying for Taiwan" and her case is "still under investigation" and "no conclusion has been reached so far".

Fang, who started working for CCTV in 1994, had been member of the all-star line-up at some of the largest live broadcasts in CCTV history, including the three-day live coverage of the return of Hong Kong to the mainland in 1997 and live coverage of the millennium celebrations.

The Yunnan Public Security Bureau has issued a press statement on the investigation results of the March 16 incident.  The Yunnan PSB spokesperson pointed out that Liu Shihua and others deliberately planned, fabricated evidence, resisted the law with violence, deceived the media and misled the people in this incident with bad influence.

The investigation showed that in October 28, Liu Shihua and Zhang Anfen (note: the two are cohabitating and Liu had once been sentenced to nine years in jail for robbery and theft) persuaded Liu's daughter "Chen Yan" to become a prostitute in their rented house.

At around 9pm on March 16, "Chen Yan" brought the patron named Wang to the rented house.  They were spotted by civic patrol team members, who summoned the militia police to enforce the law.

At that time, Liu Shihua spotted the patrol team members and came up with a plan in conjunction with Pu Enfu (who is the godfather of the daughters of Zhang Anfen and who had served 30 months of jail time for theft).  They asked "Chen Yan" to exchange clothes with the eldest daughter Liu XX of Zhang Anfen and then go into hiding.  Then Liu XX existed the house with Wang in the role of "Chen Yan" in order to lure the patrol team to make a false arrest and create an incident.

When the patrol team intercepted the two, Zhang Anfen charged out of the house and hit patrol team member Li Jiajuan in the left eye.  Liu Shihua also came out with a knife in hand and Pu Enfu came out with a pole.  They were subdued by the patrol team members and disarmed.  The patrol team members then took the people down to the police station.  The next morning, tll the principals were released.

On March 20, Li Shihua and Zhang Anfen complained to the Wuhua police station that they had been tortured for confession and demanded compensation.  The Wuhua police station conducted an investigation and excluded the possibility of torture.  However, they were stuck on the issue of compensation for injuries that were incurred during the arrest.  In order to obtain higher compensation, Liu Shihua sent the two daughters of Zhang Anfen to be tested for virginity and provided the results to the media which made inaccurate reports.

The public security bureau pointed out that the patrol team members used naive and violent methods to make the arrests, which resulted in rib fractures for Pu Enfu.  As a result, the public security bureau has made the appropriate sanctions in accordance with the law: Wangjiaqiao police station director Nie Tianjie was given an administrative demerit; Wangjiaqiao police station crime investigation squad captain Wang Yunhui was given an administrative warning; patrol members Li Jiajuian and Nie Zhenglu were dismissed and punished in accordance with the law.

Liu Shihua and Zhang Anfen are suspected of abetting in prostitution.  At this time, Liu has been arrested and held under detention, while Zhang is out of bail.

Internet Explorer (version 6.0.2900) filtering of photos (as recorded in activity diary of Green Dam).

Harmful photo found at

Harmful photo found at

No harmful photos found at with the keyword "Tang Jiali" even though the result contains many nude photos:

No photos at could be shown even though there was no record in the activity log.

Next, we tested a series of cat photos.

1. Robot cat was displayed without any problems at

2. This picture of Hello KItty was shown for almost 10 seconds before being shut down at

3. This picture of Garfield the Cat was shut down immediately at

- Green Dam is sensitive towards photos with large areas in yellow.  It is unable to detect nude figures in black or red.
- Green Dam has set up a white list, a black list and a user-defined list for filtering.  There is clearly a priority.  The test results show that it will lower its guard for the white list.  For example, it does not seem to pay any attention of the Baidu image searches.
- The activity log appears to be unstable as well as hard to use.  The user cannot automatically erase the previous entries.  Instead, this has to be done manually.  It is also unable to accurately record the filtering of harmful photos, especially when many of them appear at the same time.
- When a sensitive text keyword is found, it will raise its guard.  At, users may include the word "sex" in their user names, and this caused the display of the photos to be unstable.
- When a page contains many photos (especially more than 30) and one of the photos is classified as "harmful," the processing of the other photos will become very slow and most likely none of them will be shown (see, for example,
- At websites with harmful photos, Green Dam will not always indicate that what happened.  For example, when searching for websites with the Edison Chen photos, there is a 30% chance that the user will be told that the page was closed due to harmful information but a 70% chance that the page was closed without explanation.
- There are wrongful censorship, as in the cases of Hello Kitty and Garfield the Cat.